About Giriraja Deitie

3 years, 5 months ago by brian tellez in Personal Sadhana Reports

Desr Gurudeva

pamho AGTSP

I wanna ask u finally what to do whit our deitie of Radha Giridhari, whit out your blessing we can't obtain the Supreme Lord service. Only 4 points.


1)Before the wedding, we prayed that Krsna would come to our family in the form of a Deity (in any way the Overlord chooses) Because we can not create a good family if there is no Krsna in the center and worship Him in the form of a Deity. And Krsna came to us in this form.

HpS - Great! AGTSP!

2) I have already started worshipping Him and I have become attached to him and I cannot just give up serving him, but at the same time, I am not qualified and especially without your blessings I have 0 qualifications, because in reality you are serving the Deity of Krishna, not me, I am only serving as your instrument and helper in your worship.

3) we also told our sitation about this Guru of my wife, we told him your opinion on this matter and he said taking into account your words that if he gave his blessings for the worship of Giriraj, he would recommend that before worshipping Giriraj, prepare for it and at least a year , every day, regularly offer prayers in order to invite Giriraj to the family and worship him. 

(Before Giriraj came)

4) but the one thought that's sitting in my head is that I can't do anything for Him without your blessings, because I don't do worship, you do worship, and I just help in your service, and if you don't do it, how can I help you, then I can't do it.

On my part, I can follow the instructions of Niranjana Swami and my wife and I will offer prayers to Giriraj every day for a year. But maybe you could give me some other recommendations and instructions on how I could become a qualified brahmana to be your instrument in the worship of Giriraj. Could you give your blessings to this plan, or will you give us other introductions?

HpS - My only knowledge, AGTSP, is that unless you are living like a Brahmana, 4-principle strictly and 16-nice rounds/per day, then there can be very bad reactions from worshipping Govardhana and Saligrama sila, deaths in the family etc.

If you can do this for one year (with prayers) before starting Giriraja worship then, O.K., but must also continue after you start. It is like having a baby. You can't just put him aside because you are tired of him.

Attachment is Okay. https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/1/6/19/ and following verses are illuminating, no?

Gaura - Nityananda! Gaura-Nityananda! 😁