End of Dicember Marathon!!

2 years, 10 months ago by brian tellez in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear Gurideva Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.❗

We just finished the December marathon, we made 29 Harinamas, a group of 10 devotees, and distributed approx. 6300 medium books and 300 bg. this was the honeymoon with my wife😂😂😂

HpS - ASA - You married Santa Rosa of Lima!

Gurudeva my wife's name is Aleksandra 👫 she is from SA Petersburg, she aspires to Niranjana Swami, She did Bhaktisastri in Mayapur and lived in the temple of lodres as Brahmacarini, she also participated with the Group from Harinama Ruci from Flourma Sankirtan,📚📚💃🕺🎤

now she is studying for the initiation exam and His Guru Maharaja asked us to go to Mayapur after finishing the marathon,

I have realized that I do not have much to offer to you more than my service and my Japa 🧘‍♂️📿🚧👷🧰📚, I am an enjoyer and maya punishes me every so often for that😈😣, I can't even call myself his disciple but I hope to get up again in Mangalaratika, I feel the constant purification😫, I have understood that I am a prisoner who is beaten🕰️⏳ and I must accept this with humility someday and keep trying to serve you whatever happens Gurudeva🐾🐈. 

HpS - Chanakya says that poverty cannot stay where there is constant endeavor, ignoraance cannot stay where there is constant recitation of the Vedas, and sinful reaction cannot stay where there is constant recitation of the Name of Hari.

Regarding Giriraja Mahajaraja and Srimati Radharani, we have generated a lot of attachment, it is what keeps us getting up early and keeps our family together👨🗿👧, we try to make things in our home revolve around Giridhari, in these times there are no qualified brahmanas, but we are trying to occupy our lives in the service of Harinama Sankirtan and maintain a standard of cleanliness🧽🧼🧹🚿 and punctuality⏱️ as we were taught in the temple with our deity, we also worship Pancatatva and Nrsmha deva, Lord Hanuman and Tulasi devi every morning, serving Guru Param Para and you Gurudeva and my wife's Guru HH Niranjana Swami.

HpS - As we understand, unless you are following four principles strict, like a Brahmana, worshipping Giriraja shilas can be dangerous. He is like a little child. He will get angry and kick things and even kill people!

After Mayapur we will go to Jaganath puri 🏯👑to continue with Harinama Sankirtan with His blessings🎣🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🙏🙏♿, so I will send you preaching reports when the month ends. 🎵🎼💯

HpS - !!

Thank you for your daily classes and those of your disciples every morning I listen to them when we are in the service to the deity through the Facebook of Asa Mexico🌮🇲🇽🌯, because of the schedules I cannot connect live, (the presentation or criticism of Sankia's book was very good) thank you very much for feeding me every morning with your teachings💦🌱. 

intend of his servant Vrajendra Kumara Das,🐷🎹🍨

HpS - Sorry we are so lazy!! Of you continue as you are doing you will achieve all success!