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My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat Pranams. Namaste!

Thank you very much for your reply.

There is a world outside which is fundamental. In this world, there is body. In this body, there is consciousnesses. Materialistic people think that this consciousness is produced by matter or don't think much about it. We reject this idea.

Second view is as follows:

There is world outside which is fundamental. In this world, there is body. In this body, there is consciousnesses. This consciousness is also fundamental and not product of matter. It occupies space in this body. In this second view, outside world is still starting point. This is how I used to see the world earlier. This world . . .

HpS - Outside world?

. . . is created by Krishna. In this world, I am eternal, unborn, ever existing and part of Krishna (Gita 15/7 - mamaivānśho jīva-loke jīva-bhūtaḥ sanātanaḥ).

HpS - Yet, we existed in the spiritual world before this world was created?

Third view is to start with consciousness. Consciousness is most fundamental. Paramatma and Atma illuminate ego and mind (Gita 15/15 - sarvasya chāhaṁ hṛidi sanniviṣhṭo

mattaḥ smṛitir jñānam apohanaṁ cha). World of images, perceptions, sensations etc gets projected in the mind. Mind identifies with these projections as Me and Mine and cycle of samsara starts. Consciousness is witness (seer) of the world including objects, body and mind.

This third view is huge fundamental shift in how one sees reality. This is our experience also. When we wake up, mind which is illumined by consciousness comes into existence before outside world. In the dream, mind creates another world which appears as real while we are dreaming. When we hit stone in dream, it hurts. When we are in deep sleep, mind is not active. There are no thoughts, no perception, no sensation and no mind. Still, consciousness (atma) exists. Seeing that I (atma) am illumining all 3 states (waking, dream and deep sleep state) and I remain distinct from these states which come and go is big shift in vision of reality.

When I am reading 11th canto of Bhagavatam (especially trying to understand sanskrit texts), I see that Bhagavatam is pointing out reality which starts with consciousness. Same text which I read earlier give totally different meaning after this shift in how I see reality.

There are 2 references of [to?] "I". When reference of "I" is on body and mind, then Ram is my master and I am His servants. All objects including body and mind belong to Him. When reference of "I" is on "atma" illumining mind, then I am His amsa (part). Reference of "I" is slowing moving towards "atma" illumining mind and senses.

Sriram is doing 2nd year computer science in Texas A&M. He has very strong work ethic and is noble person. Anjana is in 12th grade and applying for college. Few days ago, Anjana asked me - "Dad! where are your bones!". I said that they are in this body. Then she mentioned that she used to think that bones are in her. But now she can clear see that she is different from the bones. Bones are not in her. I felt that I am doing something good as parent. Sriram claims himself as an atheist. I remind him that Gita is science of Atma. As long as he accepts that he exists, he is following Gita. He, the atma, is eternal, ever-existing and part of Paramatma. That is true whether one accepts this truth or not. So everyone is follower of Gita. I am quite hopeful that one day the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita will be revealed to him.

Anandamukhi decided to leave 5 years ago. So we got divorced. I try to maintain good relationship with her.

Thank you very much for reading this email.

Dandavat Pranams,

Gaurav Mitttal

HpS - Thank you. Thank you with news of the family. I was thought Mataji had left.

I would make this comment on your Sankhya.

I would say that it starts with Ananda and not Cit. Love and not Consciousness. We primarily are lovers, servants, followers. Then there is Cit and then Sat. Of course, they all exist simultaneously. Balarama is the Sat or Sandhini potency.

Pradhana, external world, exists eternally, with Maha-visnu, like a piece of cloth with Mahavisnu. Then the 2nd and 3rd purusa avatars agitate it because the kids, the Jivas, want to play Mommy-Daddy, and it starts to take form like a puppet. The cloth gets marked, cut, sewed, ornamented, and the Jivas enter into some of the parts of it, and call it their puppet.


BG gives little description. SB 2 and 3 .... give more.