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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja, pamho AGTSP!

Thank you Maharaja for the encouragement. Your responses to my last letter have given us a lot of hope and enthusiasm.

HpS - Thank you. Thank God!!

Sadhu Sanga’s mother is well. She is planning to move to Boise at some point.  And Sudevi speaks Mexican/Spanish, yes. They are really hoping that you can visit Boise again someday. They actually moved here very much anticipating seeing you.

HpS - Alway see you in Goloka!!! We are in a movie house, sitting next to each others. 😜

In response to your question: Do you continue with music?

I’m continuing to write and record. This Karuna virus has served us well in many respects. Not traveling, not playing in bars has been really nice. Incorporating the Maha mantra in a few songs. Had some devotees in the recording studio last month to sing Hare Krishna. It very much improved the songs! Lol

HpS -  our favorite song. Hearing it is more and more education.

Not really sure who my audience is or how to find a different audience but there is a record label that will release a couple more albums for Nick Delffs. Hopefully they can be good offerings. And if they are praised I can pass it on.

When I find my self thinking “I am the creator of these songs” or “I am so great” lol I try to meditate on the fact that Krishna is the ability in man. Writing and performing has been a humiliating and humbling process as well.

HpS - ASA -- We do something. It is like a child helping his mother make a cake for his father's birthday party. He actually does stuff and has good ideas. Really.

And yes! YouTube and not needing a big audience! 

Interesting that you sent that Bear Dance painting because growing up it was in our living room and I would always stare at it and just recently we were at my parents house and it was on the wall and I was staring at it thinking about all the bears doing kirtan. Hari bol!

ASA - Support your right to arm bears.

My father was asking about you and he sends his respects. I believe you spoke with him at our wedding.

HpS - Yes, I think so. All your family seemed like rather awake people!

Thank you again Maharaja. I hope this finds well. 

Your aspiring servant, 

-Nitisara das

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