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Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja



Dear Gurumaharaja, wishing you are in good health, we always pray to Lord Nṛshiṁha deva, to take care of you and protect you. This Quarantine has hit us all very hard, it is the material nature (kleśa), but being associated with you, in your online programs, in the singing of Japa, made this blow soft, we have taken advantage of the improvement in many things, new ideas, reinventing ourselves spiritually, which we are not doing for you, for Srila Prabhupada, maybe fear? Insecurity? I think so.

So we recap a lot of things. Since mid-March we started online classes with Yatra devotees, on Wednesdays Nama Hatta online, we talked a little (ice breaker), we sang, 01 round of Japa, and we studied a book by Srila Prabhúpada, now we are reading the NOI, we are in Text 5, very good conclusions from the attendees. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), “Online Spiritual Retreat”. We read the Krishna Book (Saturday night) and the next day, the complete Mangala Arati program, and at 6:30 am, Srimad Bhagavatam class, we take turns for the class. We coordinate everything with Prabhu Raghanuga Bhakti, temporary head of the Temple, and with Prabhu Goura Rupa.

Among the assistants there are three very enthusiastic Bhaktas, M. Margot, B. Fernando and B. Baltazar, who are fulfilling a basic program at home, we guide them, they are very favorable. For some issues not all are connected, but little are they getting hooked, if they do not have internet, we make a call by cell phone, loudspeaker and voila ... Fr. Jagadisvara das, and P. Harimukunda das, and M. Divia Dristy also participate, although you can't connect sometimes when you do, your participation is excellent.

For example, yesterday in Radhastami, he gave a spectacular class, very nectarean, we also broadcast it on Facebook live Iskcon Cusco Mandir, very good comments, few, but encouraging.

In these transcendental festivals, small preparations were made in the Temple, we recorded the Arati, some devotees came to the Temple to cook and make garlands, M. Yogamaji dd, M Divia Dristy dd, M. Taky and their daughter Aracely, still in this pandemic, devotees do their devotional service, with all the care required. Prabhu Astavarga gave the online class for Janmastamy, it was by cell phone, but it worked. We have some technical drawbacks, but we are improving little by little, many limitations, but the show must go on.

HpS - Jaya!!! The Evil One and his Consort cannot stop your efforts!

Dear Gurudeva, the quarantine with family in these 4 months locked up at home, helped us a lot, we did many things so as not to get bored, we painted the house, board games, we saw Bahubbali 5 times, Nilacandra loved it, she wants to be part of the army of Krishna, a very restless boy and my daughter Vrisabhanu, is also very restless, very clever, it surprises me very much. At least the quarantine served to get to know us more.

HpS - So wonderful!!! Hope you painted pictures on the walls also!

Dear Gurudeva, this is a bit confidential. . . . . HpS - ASA --- Not very confidential, but O.K. Yes!

Dear Gurudeva, I want to ask for your blessings so that these programs continue to work and improve, it is the basis of "Clinic for the Soul", because this helps us to improve and reach more people and preach to them about this great Movement of Srila Prabhupada and to experience the nectar of devotional service, it is our mission… (na dhanam na janam na sundarim…). We are developing some ideas for programs, audios, videos, spiritual coaching, we are about to start our last semester of Master of Administration, we are preparing for our Pada Padma exam with LAD, we are running, we hope we do not stumble and fall on our face.

HpS - Step by step by step you are becoming a Goswami....

Dear Gurudeva, we are eternally grateful to you for everything. May the Mercy of Sri Krishna always be poured out upon you.

Your worthless would-be servant

Govardhana dasa

HpS - Very nice! What is the news about your good wife? Where is she from, who are here associates? What are here interests?