Bhakti-vaibhava Curriculum Development

5 days, 17 hours ago by hps in Special Category A

Bali-mardana Das has continued with the effort to integrate our Pan-american Bhakti-vaibhava studies with the facilities being offered by the Vidya-pitha in the Govardhana Eco Village near Mumbai.

The report from Gauranga-darshana Das, Hemarupa Caitanya Das and Sankirtana Das from there side is that they are still posting the materials for on-line study at there website for Canto Six.

Our ASA idea is that the esteemed devotees in San Jose with Srivasa pandita Das and Houston with Radha-krsna Das and Hari-lila Das, who are finishing the six canto study should integrate with the sixth canto on-line course from the VP for the mutual benefit and for development of the program for all time.

We will try to keep you informed.

HpS - ASA Sastric Studies Development Committee.