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Dear Hanumat Presaka Sawmi:


Hare Krishna from north Spain:

Answering questions from my last letter.

HpS - To whom do you offer it? Do They leave everything?

JMHD-We offer our vegetables to our dear Krishna Balarama deities.

ASA --- Moooo! Give the neighbor Prasada!!!!?????

JMHD- Yes we try to give them as much prasadham as possible

HpS - Zonal Supervisor?

Yes , whatever.

HpS - AGTSP! This is good enough! Send Quarterly letters!!! This is very nice! We think many, many devotees will benefit. How is Hanuman Das and the Spanish BBT??? We will visit Spain, maybe one more time, before we die.

JMHD-You never leave Spain as you are in hurt of your fallen disciples.

But is great to know that you will visit us one more time before going back to Prabhupadas Lotus feet.

Any service for us?!

Just take care of your good self and let us know if we can serve you in anyway.

Now news:

-Marta´s father was diagnosed with Brain cancer

-Marta had a surgery to arrange her uterus.

-Getting pregnant has being dismish.

-Marta is living in Barcelona for the past 3 months taking care of father.

-I visit them on regular basis.

-We had several youth meetings in New Vrajamandala, Shantipur(BCN) , New Mayapur (France), Youth from Sweeden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, France, Portugal meet in this places and had a lot of fun in KC.

This projects are developing more and more and is creating an amazing feeling of cooperation among the youth in all European yatras.

We are developing several projects in many EU countries.

-We also got some land by Krishna and Balaram´s mercy, we got 5 hectars of land and possibly a Youth hostel (Asram for 60 people)

We are still with the legal paperwork but the idea is to start a rural project for 15-20 families.

We have an amacing partner called Diego who is a very successful organic farmer.

He wants to train young vaisnavas in organic farming.

At the same time we will develop youth camps (for devotees and non devotees)

-My son Vrindavan passed 12 grade and the exam to access university.

-At the same time he is working at Diegos organic farm as summer job.

So basically we are all very happy about the idea of developing this rural project

At the same time we are developing a very profesional european youth workers team so we can get a lot of funding from EU and get a lot of support and training for our youth.

We are also trying to help as zonal supervisor in Spain.

You are always in our hurt (heart)

Hope to see you soon

Your fallen servant


HpS -Jaya!!!! This news is so valuable. Please read the Kapi Dhvaja!!!!!! Chant more rounds better!