Madana-gopal - My Nature (continuation) - Pyari Mohan das

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my humble obeisances

I think that i have a mixture of the four natures, in different proportions .

Now we continue with the letter. 

I am finished the 3th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam,

very slowly lecture.

I read one verse that connect with one dude that i have.

This is the purport of 3.33.6. It talks about the brahmanas, Prabhupada said that if we chant one time, purely the holy name, we qualify like brahmanas.

But where is all the search of our nature tendencies?

This is necessary because the most of us don't sing purely and need to move slowly to Krishna?

We are still with our inner varna-asrama nature and we add the brahmanical nature after singing purely if we are not brahmana?

I heard that like a vaisnava you can do any service of the different natures, it is right? Please Gurudeva, enlighten us. 


  • So, like a sudra i think that i am good artist,
  • I drew,
  • I sing,
  • play instruments, and now i am
  • developing the art of writing, poetry and others works. In the future i want to learn
  • to act, for now i am watch to Cantinflas jajaja a very good clown.

I am used the social networks to share my works, with my italian name of “Piero Torchio”. I know that the communications is my most prominent subject that i can explore, i also like very much the therapy, to help other to heal, and the greatest healing is the spiritual healing, dead, so i have to kill people jajaja, (joke).

ASA - 😀 (laugh)

On the other hand is the Kshatriya dharma, this is most difficult for me, because i never have education about that. But i think that i also have to work in the communication area like an admini

trator. When i flight to Buenos Aires to meet with you, we had a conversation, and you said me that i can study sound engineering, but then you also told me that i can work like a reporter in an editorial, newspaper.

ASA - General ideas.

Now i need to be more introspective and keep working to you, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. Sometimes is very difficult, many demons in the heart and the head, they want ignorance to eat, they want to make me fall down, the devil made me do it jajaja.

But Hanuman can help us, setting fire in the demons house helping to Rama, He is my Deitie like you are my master. Monkey Warrior. More Rocs for the bridge. Jaya Ram, Kabum!  

PS: Pyari Mohan das - Piero Adrián Saavedra Torchio [04.09.94] - initiation the 01.12.19.

Thaaaank you Gurudeva, I hope see you soon.

Your eternal little clown [Medium Clown!] servant: 

Pyari Mohan das

HpS - ASA - Esteemed Medium Clown, PMD, thank you for your letter. Did you translate it your self? It is little difficult to understand some of it. One good system is to write in Spanish that you know will be able to translate well and then send both.

Main thing is enchancing our personal relationship with Krsna. Whatever we have we should focus on that. To do that we have NOD to guide us.

Regular Vaidhi bhakti - Rules and Regulations are there.

They make the mind and intelligence strong and well structured.

Then when you read Srila Prabhupada's books for several days, weeks, you will start to answer all these questions and keep the answers.


How are you doing your rounds? All done by Mangala arati, breakfast, 90% done before lunch???

Think about your Japa habits, association, write a report and then after a few days edit it and then post it!

How is Mister Bhagavan Das?

Who is in the Temple?

Are you all still in complete quaranteen.

Do whateve VAD occupation you can do nicely now and focus on regulated Japa.