Personal Sadhana Report

All Glories to Sri Guru Parampara,

Radha Krsna Ki Jay, Gouranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay, Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay

H. H. HpS Maharaja! Dandavat Pranam!

Please accept my humble obeisances unto Sri Guruji Maharaja’s Padama Charan that I am so happy to get Gurugi Maharaja's reply so soon, and it is my first letter written in this block. [Blog] I could not participate the Ratha Jatra in the Imphal Temple due to locked down so the activities are normal. In Thoubal also mass gathering is completely prohibited.

HpS - The Gopis had to escape to meet Krsna and then had Mass Gathering, no?

Gurugi Maharaja! There is a confusion between the "Mantra and Gaitri". There are two slokas; one is Mantra and another is Gaitri. What are the differences? Such as Guru Mantra and Guru Gaitri. In the mantra also "Swaha and Namah". Please clear my darkness with the blessings of Guruji.

HpS - We do not understand your question too well. Can you give details? There are many Mantras we chant. Maha-mantra. The Sandhy mantras that we chant morning, noon and night. These are some in the Gayatir meter and so they are called Gayatri sometimes.

Mantra is the verse. Many of the verses in SB are Mantras. They can deliver "tra" our mind, "man" from suffering "separation from KRSNA".

As we understand Gayatri is a meter like the ones we use for the Brahma samhita is the Vasanta tilaka meter.

There is an article on the Wikpedia. I don't know how accurate it is.


Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das