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dear gurudev

I am writing to you as a report, I apologize for letting so much time pass since the last time I wrote.

Once again I had to reorganize life, the relationship I had ended, and well that involves many things: change of house and all that subject, I'm in a new place living with friends, they are vegan at least.

Although I have followed regulatory principles, the rounds have cost me and the daily minimum has dropped a lot.

ASA /TB - The Evil One will catch you!

In fact it is not more than 1 or 2 a day. I am finishing the semester at university and that has me very busy, despite the pandemic I am working from home. There have been strange times between being in the same place all day and coping with life itself.

I beg Krsna to give you health.

your eternal servant

Trivikrama das

HpS - Very, very, happy, nice to hear from you. Missed you! ..... It is an austerity to chant 16-nice rounds daily, but... the result is incredible. You family situation, preaching, health, wealth, school, work, insitutional presence, will all increase at the maximum possible rate.

Read the Kapi Dhvaja and use the Priority Code to get more attention to your letters!! Thye are very valuable. Become a person, not the shadow of a person, no?!!