DTC 29(Mo)

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Well.... AGTSP!!! Paoho!!! Brown and White here!

Everyday is a Battle of Kurkshetra! It is you, me and Krsna, against The Evil One. (Photo Attached).

Our only shelter is making a descent place for Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet in our heart.

Offering him 5PM tea.

Rounds. DTC(p). Hour and 15-minutes with Art Das from Peru about, Solaris, NIOS. . . Letters to the Editor.

Sri Nrsmha! Jaya Nrsmha! Jaya! Jaya Nrsmha!

If Bh. Caru Swami goes. It will be very, very sad, but.... if that is what Krsna wants, then that is what we want, but... it will be very, very sad.