KDPC Solaris play of words

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Hare Krsna, esteemed Hanumatpresaka Swami maharaja,


(To avoid confusion, please read in English only.)

Regarding your kind question:

"What was your idea about the name: Solar Es...?

It is aimed at being and academic periodical."

I actually didn't write "Solar Es". I wrote "Solaris". (It must've been wrongly rendered "Solar es" in Spanish by the automatic translation service.)

It is a play of words derived from the visual design of Solaris and the texts which describe the character of the jornal: "Intercultural Journal" and "Contributions for a new culture"--both sentences I found dispersed in the cover and the following page (Solaris 4/4 Oct 2019, provided by P. Abhirama Th. d.)

  1. Solaris, means "pertaining to the sun" in Latin. That is solar, in English.
  2. I simply articulated those two sentences following Solaris.
  3. Solaris connotes "effulgence," "enlightenment," etcetera.
  4. So, "Solaris" is "Enlightenment," "Solaris" is (divine) "Effulgence."
  5. Just by changing the colour of the syllable "is," one can read simultaneously "Solaris" and "Solar-is" (no translation). And, with the other two sentences, one could understand that "Solar-is-Intercultural-journal," and that "Solar-is-Contributions-for-a-new-culture," because this intercultural journal aims at reflecting the enlightening divine radiance of God by means of contributions for a new culture.
  6. It is a visual articulated sutra, aforism, or apotegma. That was my intention: to show form the very logo design that your magazine is spiritual thinking expressed in terms of refined intelectual honesty. No improvisations.

Please see the attached photo.

Thank you so much, maharaja for your precious time and attention. I'm sure ISKCON is blessed with so many complementary talents, and, if mine suits the goal of your excellent journal, I would be happy.

Your humble servant,

Gopa-swami dasa [GPS]

HpS - ASA --- Thank you for your effort. Just spent 1-hour talking with Abhirama Das about Solaris etc. Everyone liked your ideas about design, (but in the end considered that most of what they are doing now was better). 😁

"Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages,

And the Zoo Keeper is very fond of rum!", Simon and Garfunkel.

Abhirama Th. Das is hoping you can work with Solaris more in editorial sense, from what I understand. If you can help, it is great!!!