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Hare Krsna Maharaja, all glories to Srila Prabhupada, please accept my humble obeasances.

I was thinking about in how psicological trauma can be affect us in spiritual life, and i hope you can talk us about that.

In my experience this affect my whole life, but now i´m really worried about how is affecting my advance in Krsna conciousness because affect my chant, relationship with devotees and deity worship.

Also i notice some behaviors in other devotees, i think i´m not the only one dealing with this type of issues. We actually coexist with this every day but no one is telling us how.

We continue stigmatizing, calling "crazy" to each others, not take caring of devotees properly.

I hope not bother you with this letter, we always pray for your wellnes.

Rose of the East

asa - read kapi dhvaja about how to get attention of our mail clerks for fast answer ie less than two life times.

gross body is based on psycho body. why did she become a HE BEAR. Grrrrrr!!!!!

every material experience is trauma. where you @[email protected]?

vasanas traumas agitating us now.. eg song 'gauranga bolite habe ... ' nitai kripa free from vasanas. help nitai...... vasanas go..... see progress in every step but be patient like the foxxxxxx.