KDPC- Gismo 9- Please accept my most humble obeisances.

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!!

All Glories to You!!


Jaya Radha Madana Goapala!

Dear Gurudeva!

From Mexico city, this is Natyelli Garza. It´s been a difficult time with the quarantine. This is my first time I live totally alone, by myself and...I think it´s even more difficult not to procrastinate, sing the rounds and dedicate the mind to service. Sometimes I feel very bored and my mind tells me to do anything trash.

It's been a few months since your last visit in December and more since my last report, an apology to you, we will make more effort and sacrifice. It was difficult because I was working excessively and it was difficult to go see you, being very aware of you. You recently accepted Prabhu Paco and me as your formal aspirants, for which we feel very blessed and grateful. Thanks Gurudeva. Rounds 16, very difficult; Association with devotees is also disrupted, the temple has closed and direct service to Radha Madana Gopala is at zero, Raja Bhoga is my favorite service :D . while at home then deal with laziness.

On the contrary, mother Karuna Shakti DD has been very aware of me, always supporting me and encouraging me to continue. She is a beautiful person. While I am helping with some translations for the Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) which Mother Karuna kindly proposed to serve. Waking for Mangal arati, cooking Prasadam at home, listening to the broadcasts of the temple and following the classes.

On the other hand it is time to do the thesis at home to finish my studies in History, to which I dedicate myself, struggling all the time.

HpS - Krsna is very lonely. Krsna is very frightened. Krsna wants His mommy, won't you help!!!

Family in their home taking care of me from the distance. I love them (mother, father and sister) (will attach a photo of them)... by the way, in some class you suggested if someone could make a translation, mother Karuna wrote to you about this translation, where was a confusion, internet-entity played us wrong. First, changed the order of the words of mother Karuna in her letter, actually I made the translation that Karuna Prabhu sent you by her instructions :), second, erased my letter (since three weeks ago). So It´s a little fun to play with the mind!!

Hoping we will always find ourselves better in the service. Your dumb aspirant to disciple, Bhaktin Natyelli

Thank so much Maharaja!

Hare Krishna!

ASA - Krsna, "Help!"

ASA - NIce photOS

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