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Hare Krsna Dear Guru Maharaj,

  Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

HpS - Please accept ours at yours.

  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - ASA - !!!!

  All glories to Guru parampara. ASA .... !

  Thank you so much Gurudev for your comments on

  You beautifully captured Radah-Krsna in heart. Actual reason of Dance and happy.

  Your comments will take me more close to Krsna. 

  'Atma-ram' always fixed on Radha-Krsna.They enjoy lilas of Lord. They don't like

  come out from lilas. External activities does not affect them, never. Because

  they are not there. While externally they are there but not actually. They are

  always in lilas of Lord.

  Thank you so much Gurudev for everything.

your fallen servant,

Girivaradhari-Gopal Das

ASA - There is nothing but Vrdnavana Dhama, no? Everything is just a ray of Vraja! Play for Krsna, [but ghastly reality for us!]