Hare Krsna, Reporte Govardha Das Cusco, Enero.Marzo 2020

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Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja


Wishing that he is always well, we always pray Lord Nrishamdeva to protect and care for him. We are writing using Internet Explorer, using Google Chrome when writing, it is automatically deleted, apparently there is no problem with it, please if my report could not receive it, can I send it again?

HpS - We are receiving... AGTSP!!! Paoho...

Dear Gurumaharaja, the family is well, B. Ayda has been, appointed as a Teacher for the Institutions of Initial Education of the Government, she is very happy, she is a little far away, but only for a few years, then they will transfer her to another Institution closer.

Nilacandra will be 10 years old, I changed her to an Adventist School, it is closer to the house where we live, very good that school.

HPS - Yes, usually Adventists are good schools for devotees.

Vrisabhanu Nandanu is going to turn 8 and move on to second grade, she is in a school near my wife's Job, it is only for women. Well now they are home for quarantine, they do their homework and then they play, they gave them a puppy and we named it Harinama. We are all locked up at home, my father is with us, a good person, he has retired, he is in good health. Once he told me that before getting married he went to the Temple in Cusco, when he was close to his house, it was only once, he did not attract much attention. He does not go to the Temple, but he is very respectful, I always take him Maha from Sri Sri Goura Nitay, he loves sweets.

We enroll in the Pada Padma course taught by LAD, we have to do our rehearsals, we learn many new things as a group.

Thank you very much for all that Dear Gurudeva, everything you do for all of us is wonderful and we would be very stupid if we did not take advantage of it. Sometimes when I read your Notepad, I can sadly see comments about the fidelity of the Spiritual Master, personally I would like to comment something, many times when I sing rounds or I am going to give the class, I think about YOU, I can feel it close, and it is easier for me to do my service, Paramatma, the connection, sometimes we forget about practical things and start looking for other things that lead us astray, everything is in the sadana, in the study of the sastras, in the singing of the rounds, then everything else it becomes easy, and without fear of being wrong, it is the evidence that exists between Guru and his disciple, we should all know it since we daily repeat Sri Guru-Vandana.

I know that I have wasted a lot of time on mental things, all because of my immaturity, but now I am much more than convinced that what should be done. It is part of the process, but it only depends on you if you stay or if you advance, I am still in nothing but I know that by your mercy we can do the right things, Dear Gurudeva.

. . .

Your would-be servant

Govardhana dasa

HpS - Thank you!!!! AGTSP.. Paoho... Chant and we are together, at Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet, no? Next letter. Let us go together.