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Dear Hanumat Presaka Sawmi:


Hare Krishna from north Spain:

Well, well, well, sorry for taking so long to write but has being very intense times for bhaktin Marta, my self et all.

HpS - ASA ---- Ha! Ha! Hare!! I feel the same way then I realize that Srila Prabhpada had even more intense times! Thank you, so much. You can see in the Letters-to-the-Editor of the Kapi Dhvaja that we are struggling with our lust, Kali-yuga to answer so many letters, so we answer (first) those that have the Kapi-dhvaja Priority Code KPC) in the Title section of the posts!!

We are still live in my parent´s property, we are producing 75% of what we eat (Of course we eat very simple) now eating once a day but very high quality Vegetables.

HpS - Are you growing long wiskers a little tail and nice white fur? 😁 Of course, that is very, very good!!! You are living in Satya yuga!!!

We do a very simple farming style that we called "Lazy farming" we basically do nothing and let all the work to Krishna´s wonderful nature.

We do not dig and basically we put any organic matter we get like grass or leaves on the ground and we let all the bacteria, worms and millions of living entities there take care.

So we just plant or seed what we need, we water (Just the first day) and we chant Hare Krishna, next thing we do is to take whatever is grown, offer to Krishna and eat it.

So it takes us 1 hour to plant and 1 hour to collect enough pumpkins for the half year.

Potatoes 2 hours planting 2 hours collecting for the whole year.

We have lettuces all year round and also Spinach, swiss chard and Kale and cabbages.

So our daily meal consist on a big salad and baked vegetables and potatoes.

HpS - To whom do you offer it? Do They leave everything?

Some times we get milk from a neighbour and Marta makes yogurt and panir.

ASA --- Moooo! Give the neighbor Prasada!!!!?????

The community is developing very nicely, as we have no land still we are like a tribe with no land but we are constructing an strong sense of community and friendship that I believe is the core of a successful community.

HpS --- !!!!!!

Marta and my self, Prema Rasarnava and Sukania Sita, Seva Kunja and Kaveri (From Argentina & Chile) Guru Gauranga and Yasoda, Madhava, Dharma Vatsala and Arantxa, Ananta Sesa and Natalia and some others is the core of the community.

We gather officially once a month and we do bhajan, comunal reading of the scriptures and discussion, kirtan and prasadam.

With Prema and Sita and Seba and Kaveri we have a daily relationship as we are always serving together.

I am serving as GBC Secretary for Spain.

HpS - Zonal Supervisor?

But my main service is within the youth and farm community developing in EU ISKCON.

We have developed a nice team of work involving 25 countries in EU.

This in a sense is already a great service as is not easy to manage such a big network and is also benefiting ISKCON in the sense of developing again this feeling that we are a family that must work together because it will be this way (Cooperating among us) or will not be.

I am getting so much mercy from Krishna so now I have devotee friends in so many countries and I feel like if I have family and homes all around.

We are becoming experts in getting Grants from the EU and in this way we can help devotees and ISKCON projects.

So now by Krishnas mercy we travel a lot visiting amazing yatras and meeting with great vaisnavas all around Europe.

Our typical program is that we gather lets say 10 young devotees from Spain, 10 from France, 10 from Portugal and so on up to 50-80 then we have fun in Krishna consciousness.

This summer for example we will gather 100 devotees in my home town and we stau in a nice youth hostel in the beach, we have spiritual program in the morning, then after nice breakfast the kids have Surf training in the sea and after lunch kirtans and a japa retreat with Yadunandana Swami.

After that we will have similar programs in Latvia, New Vrajamandala, Barcelona, Tenerife, Simhacalam in Germany and New Mayapura in France.

The good thing is that the participants do not have to pay anything, we cover the travels and the host and accommodation so is very easy for them to accept to participate.

HpS -- Amazing!!

We try to stay as much as possible in ISKCON farms and temples and in this way we can give a substantial donation to the projects.

After participating in this projects we tray to help the youth to understand who they are, what is their nature and we get grants to support their varna training.

We are also working with Yadunandana Swami and Mahajan Prabhu (from Argentina and now living in New Vrajamandala) in order to develop a Varna Asrama college in New Vrajamandala.

The idea is to offer like a Bhakta course where you get a formal and basic spiritual training but at the same time expert devotees help you to understand your own nature. (We will use techniques like vedic astrology and Psychology) Urmila mataji is also working in this regard and will release a book on the matter soon.

After the 6 months training there will be another 6 months or year training for Ksatrias and Brahmanas (Basically a bhakti sastri but also varna oriented like teaching Ksatrias to manage and take care of people properly and Brahmanas to be good bramanas)

Ok so this is basically from Nanda Gram.

In Spain Madrid temple is now managed by SP disciple Paramdham Prabhu and his family.

New Vrajamandala is flourishing under the direction of Yadunandana Swami and his team.

Gurukula is developing nicely and they are getting permission for Grihasta housing development.

The guest house is developing a lot and there are groups booking every weekend (Like Yoga groups, reiki, buddhist and things like that)

Yasodananda Prabhu and all his descendants are now living in Brihuega.

Jayanta and Purnamasi are doing an extraordinary service with their preaching center in their area and have very nice and popular weekly meetings.

Patita pavana is struggling but fighting very sincerely to develop the amazing Tenerife´s Jaganath Baladeva and Subadra temple.

Malaga keeps going on.

And Mantri, Janardhan and Kesava Bharati are developing very nicely the Krishna Cuisine project in Alicante.

Barcelona is now days probably the most active temple with a lot of action and many young devotees around.

And devotees in Valencia are growing slowly but surely.

Well well well this mostly what I can tell you from here.

I am sorry that I do not communicate on a more regular basis.

I miss you a lot but at the same time I always feel we are connected as I am trying my best to serve you and Srila Prabhupada.

Hope to see you soon dear Gurudeva and hope that krishna helps me to serve you for many life times.

When are you coming to Spain?

All the best

Your fallen servant


HpS - AGTSP! This is good enough! Send Quarterly letters!!! This is very nice! We think many, many devotees will benefit. How is Hanuman Das and the Spanish BBT??? We will visit Spain, maybe one more time, before we die.

Any service for us?!