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4 years, 3 months ago by brian tellez in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Dear Gurudeva Pamho Agtsp

Because of Tulasi's miscericity, and because of your mercy we are in the Holy Dham today we leave Vrndavan to Mayapur. 

HpS - Krsna, must love you! Write all the time of what happens. Even simple things. Years from now you will read them with great joy.

Gurudeva came some shilas to me and wanted to ask if I could worship them. I am always in Sankirtan and Harinama but since I do not stay in any temple I have not been able to exercise my deity worship, I really wish I could do it, with its authorization.

HpS - I think that the Shilas are too advanced for us. They are for someone with very Brahminical culture. Bhima carried Deities of Sita Rama that he got from Hanuman around his neck. Little Gaura Nitai dieties seem very, very, wonderful. They would love to travel with you! 

I'm going to travel with Harinama ruci through India and then maybe Europe.

(This is private please don't published). ASA - O.K. but only because you are in male body but in summary you have sent explanation of personal and social Ashrama situation.

Krsna is certainly working with all His power to help you, so do not be discouraged. Any distress is minimized from what we deserve, maybe we were Bank Robbers etc in our last life, and... Krsna is using the bad reactions for our ETERNAL progress. Go ahead with your Sankirtan first and give some interest in your Ashrama situation. 

please allow me to keep myself busy day and night in the devotional service at your lotus feet, excuse all my shortcomings I try to do my best.

Trying my best to be servent of your servers Vrajendra Kumara Das