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Hare Krsna dear GM

pamho AGTSP. 

Here Vrajendra Kumara reporting, we did the December sankirtan marathon in Colombia, we were waiting for the Australian visa to travel with the Harinama Ruci, as good Colombian Karma useless monk for the system denied it to me, so I went to Chile to Sankirtan in January ,

we collected for the trip to India, Harinama Ruci and Maha Visnu Swami await us there, we go to Nepal to the Viasapuja of Mahavisnu Swami,

now I am traveling with an aspiring disciple of Mahavisnu Swami, who travels with the group through South America, his (her) name is Priscilla, Mahavisnu Swami gave us the blessing of getting to know each other and to travel with the Group we must get married and follow some vows. 

After India we go to the tour of Europe and then we will return to Argentina, we are getting to know GM and the idea is to get married so I think it will change my situation as a constant traveler,

I will most likely no longer return to Mexico so I would like to, if I settle down In Argentina, talking with the authorities and starting a program of Bhakti Vrksa or an Ashrama of Sankirtan, my main authority is being Mahavisnu Swami,

Gurudeva I am now taking the Guru Disciple course with my partner and yesterday I dreamed of you, GM I feel that I do not have a very close relationship with you, many times I have sent you unanswered letters, my Siksa Guru Mahavisnu Swami is always watching me, I would like to know

1. who should I go to now that I think live in Argentina to be my authority. 

2. How can I continue to serve in the mission with this new stage, and

3 How can I return to have a communication and relationship with you Dear GM.

HpS - AGTSP! Paoho.... As Guru, we have limited resources. We are not claiming to be Uttama Adhikari, just disciple of Srila Prabhupada, following his basic standard, nice rounds, strict principles,SANKIRTAN. Then we can only communicate so much with so many people, and like Devamrta Swami et al, is almost impossible to communicate by email while traveling.

So, we started putting a Priority Code in the Kapi Dhvaja. We can put so much general news in the Kapi Dhvaja and then if people, like you, read the KDh (and see the Priority Code), then we don't have to repeat so many things in individual letters.

But you are not using the Priority Code (PC) 😎 So you letters don't get Priority.

As Diksa guru, we just require one report a year on your Diksa vows, and of course other times in the Blog (with the Priority Code) is fine.

As Siksa guru, it is more natural that people we live with or engaged in the same Sankirtan work communicate!

So, Maha-visnu Swami is natural Siksa guru for you!! I think it is fine. You can send news to the Blog of Hari-nama Ruci work.

Is O.K.? Send news about possible change of Ashrama! Photo of fiancee!

 grateful for his attention his disciple Vrajendra Kumara Das