Banana Boro BGIS yay or nay?

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Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj!


We missed hearing from you Saturday Maharaj but stuff happens. I am looking forward to your visit coming up here soon and no electronic technical difficulties :). We pray that Krishna will help you fully recover so that you may serve Srila Prabhupada to your full desire. I have been speaking to Srinivasacharya Prabhu and he has been able to forward info that you will be here in Boise in the next couple months. So I am just working on my 16/4's, morning program, being patient and enthusiastic. Some exciting stuff going on here in Boise! I heard Bada Hari Prabhu say once that Srila Prabhupada said that if you want to leave some place but know there is nowhere to go then you are starting to make some advancement. Haha

Srivivas Prabhu was speaking to our family last week about the BGIS in Vrindavan and how his nephew goes to school there. Janardan has been speaking about going there ever since. He really wants to go to school there. A couple days ago he was telling his school counselor that he was probably moving to India to go to school and the teacher asked what his faith was. Janardan told him Hare Krishna's and invited him to the temple Sunday. His teacher came to Sunday feast! Then each day when I come home from work he asks if his mother and I have decided yet if he can go to BGIS. We weren't sure about paying for the whole thing with tuition and flights however I got a call from my lawyer Friday and he closed a claim from a car accident I got into 3 years ago and the amount we will receive will more then cover the cost of tuition and flights. I think this might be Krishna's arrangement for Janardan?

HpS - AGTSP paoho. The primary schools are so risky that I would not send him that far away. What about Houston? Is he too old? Other than that it is local efforts. Have programs for the kids on Sunday and during the week. If they want they will get the vision of Krsna with His flute in Vrndavana.

Srivnivas and Mother Sundari Radhaka think Janardan should go. Anantarupa says it seems like Krishna wants Janardan to go considering the blessing of Laxmi at the time when we are considering this. Alicia of course is hesitant to send her son all away across the world to school, she is worried if its the right thing to do. I spoke with the BGIS principal and he was very easy to work with and is willing to work with us on the registration, interview process and Janardan finishing 6th grade here in the US and then going there for 7th. Guru Maharaj please instruct us. Do you think we should send Janardan to BGIS in Vrindavan? I know by following your instructions it will please Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. Please help us with this decision.

HpS - I don't know exactly what is BGIS in Vrndavana. I guess it is the Gurukula. They moved out of the Temple and are now on the road to Mathura. Yes, seventh grade is too old for Houston. Just too risky. Being 10,000 miles away from home in a school where the teacher has to be like a father and mother to him! I hear of criticisms of the school. That is natural. It is Kali yuga, but at such a distance and for one who has never lived in an Ashrama before. See what is happening in the USA: I know kids who have gone to ISKCON Gita camps for two weeks in the USA and liked it.

Janardan is 12 years old now. He is chanting 5 rounds each day, he changes our Nitai-Guaranga's water each day and offers them incense. He is very attracted to Diety worship. Not long after we moved here to Boise 5 months ago he asked how he could be up on the altar and offer arati to Sri Sri Radha-Bunkabihari. He often at arati stands right against the altar and is very focused on the arati ceremony. He has been going to boy scouts for a few months now and really enjoys it. I attached a photo of him in his scout uniform, I thought you might like it. Also a photo of Nitai-Guaranga!

Please bless me Guru Maharaj so that my chanting will be more pleasing to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada. And that I may make advancement in serving yours and their lotus feet. Also please bless Janardan that his love for Krishna will grow.

Ok off to bed here and start again tomorrow!

HpS - Jaya!!!!!