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 AGTSP, AGTHPS, PAMHO... Dear Gurudeva, attached the written reports of the preaching program in Mexico

Agenda of Program of December 16 th (Monday)

Academic Dialog of “Education and the Sacred”

5 pm Welcome by the master of ceremonies (Lalita Gopi dd) _ Reading NIOS and CV -What is CV- Hanumatpresaka Swami

5:15 p.m. Introduction- Dr. José Luis Valencia

5:40 p.m. Mtra. Marina Prieto (Malintzin Pitzahuac) _ Temazcalli, sacred text bearer of the ancestral wisdom of the Nahuas. -With translation and recording 🙂-

18 hrs Mtra. Itzel Barrera_ Importance of different belief systems in the international dialogue

18: 20 hrs. H.H. Hanumatpresaka Swami.Invitation to the Education and Sacred Congress 2020


Questions and answers



Abstract of Marina´s Presentation

Mexican steam bath known as temazcalli, comes from the Nahua voice root: tema which means bathing and calli, "bath house", it is currently known as temazcal and is considered the most important element of traditional medicine. Chroniclers of the Mexican colonial period described the form and use of these bath houses and their health benefits, especially during and after childbirth. Although there are no explicit records about its symbolism, but it is known from historical sources, within the temazcal, ancient religious practices were carried on. Another cause, by which the temazcal bath was not well seen by the Spanish friars, was because they considered a sinful fact that men and women bathe together, as it was the custom. Due to the constant regulations, by which the temazcal was through, and the severe punishments to which they were taken, Mexicans had to implement new ways that did not alter the ritual life of this practice, so they thought of putting a boy into the bathroom if the person who was going to take the bath was a woman; or, vice versa a girl if he was a boy, and in this way avoid the dual presence as it was preset. It is worth mentioning that this ritual was a watched practice by the evangelizers and naturally they warned any attempt at simulation until demonizing this tradition.

Keywords: Temazcal, bathhouse, postpartum therapy, sacred ritual, oral tradition, memory of culture.


Abstract of Mtra. Itzel Barrera

The 21st century has been characterized as convulsed, violent, and uncertain. Much of that violence, especially after the fall of the twin towers in 2001, has been attributed to religious extremists. This circumstance would not be different from any stage of humanity, except for the fact that religious extremisms, in addition to territorial disputes, are presented today as one of the leading explanatory causes of the origin of international chaos. The latter results in an unavoidable (but ultimately wrong) understanding of otherness as the origin of the conflict.

At first, there will be a brief historical account of the contributions of the sacred conceptions to the dynamics of government that preceded the modern state. In a second moment, we will describe how religious hierarchy, as the crystallization of the political interests of the elite and their conflicts, lead to the Machiavellian need to separate the religious from the political in a Eurocentric and modern environment that expands as a result of an acculturating colonizing process. In a third moment, we will explore how the Eurocentric model of political modernity antagonizes community practices of pre-national government and promotes the placement of politics in the field of efficiency, far from its Aristotelian origin of providing citizens with a fair life. Finally, it will be explained how the dialogue of the manifestations of the sacred is what can genuinely remedy religious extremisms since these have their origin in the lack of empathy and, therefore, cannot be solved by purely political processes.

Keywords: sacred, religion, international dialogue, conflict, peace, lebenswelt.

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