Divine Politics and Administration in Peru

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AGTSP paoho

Caturatma Das wrote to the GBC Executive Committee et al and His Holiness Jayapataka Swami answered him with copy to us. Here is our answer to Maharaja et al ---

Hare Krsna!     AgtSP!!!

Esteemed Jayapataka Maharaja et al,

It is very humbling for us to be remembered by your esteemed self. First, we have to demur that we have never been "requested to discuss with the Peruvian leaders and come to a solution". As a visiting Sannyasi we have been consulted and informed on these political and administrative issues for about 20-years, but only a few months ago we were asked with Mathuresa Das and Bhakti sundara Swami to form a committee to investigate the criticisms of Ganga-mayi Devi Dasi`s administrative dealings with money and power in Peru.

We did that and sent the report that I think you saw.

My conclusion was that without opportunity to talk with you I could not go any deeper into the investigation and you quickly solved that by contacting us. Thank you.

In conclusion of that phone call I understood that whatever Ganga Mataji and devotees working with her had done in terms of Miraflores rental and renting a new building was within general bounds understood and approved by you. Details you did not know.

Second that it is of highest priority to install the three Property Trustees so that the properties cannot be sold or encumbered without their approval. For that I felt I had to talk with a lawyer directly.

We did that. With Caturatma and Karuna Krsna Das we visited one very intelligent, friendly, competent, successful, common sense guy. From that discussion I understood that it is a detail of Peruviana law that the outgoing President is supposed to sign in the incoming officers, but if he does not act there are other ways to get it done, and that even though the concept of Property Trustees is not so commonly used in Peru it can be accomplished according to one or two details of what we are trying to accomplish.

Besides that we had very good communication with H. G. Caitanya candra Das, M. Ganga DD and Yamunesvara Das. Of course there has been ongoing communication with Mathuresa Das, Karuna, Caturatma and other leaders. I get along very well with Caturatma because we both have the tendency of being lawyers, which at times I feel must be frustrating to your esteemed self and H. H. Hrdayananda Gos.

In conclusion, considering the emotional, political, legal, practical situation our suggestion to Mataji and the incoming Legal Officers is that everyone signs an agreement that you will be timely and clearly informed of any actions taken by the new Officers that can lead to legal action against Mataji and that they agree to add the Trustees as soon as possible by changing the statutes of the association in a format agreed upon by the current lawyer and the new fellow we met, then she will complete the formalities of signing in the new officers.

We have asked Mathures Das to see if Mataji can accept this and Caturatma to see if Caitanya candra can accept this.

Besides this as far as I have been informed the authority for the President to sell any property on their sole authority WAS removed by a change in the Statutes at the meeting in August.

There are other details, but we will not mention them now.

In general we are warmed by your sincere love for everyone involved. We see that everyone has faults, maybe all about on the same level, but if we go ahead with the Sankirtan we can make reasonable adjustments to the political situation.

Hanumatpresaka Swami

We are in Cordoba, Argentina, 4.45PM after and exciting monsoon, and with incredible Sankirtan with the Jungian community on a global basis!