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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO

I hope U are fine.

I would appreciate if you don't post the whole letter. but if you consider something else. I am fine with it.

ASA - Of course, we cannot have private communication with even esteemed ladies like your self, so we will send a copy to Gandharva Das or whoever else seems appropriate as we read on.

We are sorry we are a little lazy but failing eyesight Sankirtan and some politics does slow us down!! Thank you!!! You are a very strong column in our community.

I know that sometimes I react in a very dramatical way to things. But I guess it is the way I am. Since 2015 for me it is very difficult to find my path my dharma. My mother was struggling with her cancer and that involves the whole family. I have the feeling that Krsna is pushing me to be alone. I miss her presence. I do not want to be at the temple. All the administration, and the judgment that I feel from others. I feel that nobody understands me. I am becoming more and more antisocial. I am kind of angry with Krsna. And then I think that is good because that means that I believe in God.

I got the feeling that I do not accomplished anything in life. When my sister's 🐈 cat Mía was delivering their babies I felt jealous because I will never be a mom.

HpS - Yes, you are so lucky, respectable, to be angry with Krsna and Ooops, don´t be envious of Mia. It might be nice to be a Mom, but the Whole Package is just not nice. Krsna wants us to go back and be HIS MOM!

In Alas Peruanas University the professors are having problems with the payments. And then I think what will I do. I have been teaching there since 2003.!!!! 

Many people told me what do you want to do with your life? And actually I do not know what to answer.

ASA - Be happy and make others happy, forever!!! Wake up and help others to wake up.

I feel that I am a mess right now. I have no enthusiasm for chanting my rounds or doing gem therapy.

I guess that you got the feeling that I was not doing well. 

I guess that I need to move some place else and start again. But I do not know where.!!!!

I feel really tired and exhausted.

At this point I can not call myself your disciple. I hope to reach that position again soon.

HpS - I become angry with "my disciples" then I think, "God! How much more hypocrisy and burden has Srila Prabhupada had to deal with in keeping me afloat and going forward! How can I criticise others!" Chant.... Haw!!!! Ray!!!!! Krsna!!!!! Just do it. Like a soldier in the wars of genocide in Bosnia..... Get your rounds done early and Krsna will be able to show you what fantastic things he is planning for you!

He is really, really trying.

If you are so ready to help a "·$$·$ cat 😁 then how much more is He trying to help you me. Maybe is you had married you would have been repeatedly abused in the worst possible way. Reduced to a functional drug addict.

Put the Priority Code from the KDh in the Subject of your letters and keep writing. I am going to post all this letter. I changed one word. See it?

There are so, so, so, many devotees with the same situation as you, but you have the intelligence to communicate it. They need to see this dialog.

Chant early and WORK to have friendship with devotees. Write and name five nice devotees in the Yatra.

O.K. See you Dec. 3-10. Any fotos of the CUTE KITTYS?

On December I will have more time to be with You. Ulyses sends his greetings. I am attaching pictures of my 🐕 🐈 family.

Thanks for your support and concern.

Trying to be your disciple

Chandramukhi dd

HpS - Awww! There are photos. What does Srila Bhaktivinonde Thakur say about taking birth as an animal in the house of a devotee?