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3 years, 10 months ago by brian tellez in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

HpS - AGTSP... This letter came while we were traveling, so only responding now.

Dear Guru Maharaja pamho AGTSP, I am telling you that I am now traveling with Harinama Ruci Making Harinama Sankirtana Again every day, we will be in Mexico until the 22nd then we will go to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, maybe if I get the visa Australia, and India . I have been reading the upadesambrita and it is a mystery to me to know what it means to bathe once in its waters of the Radha Kunda, which is the Radha Kunda in reality, which is the prema Bhakti and how GM is achieved, I do not I have nothing else in my life, I am not able to be good at anything else to go out to preach, but I do not enjoy the nectareas of relations with Krsna based on prema but I can not go to enjoy Maya roughly because it makes me empty, GM How can I go through this circumstance? always yours Vrajendra Kumara Das queretaro Mexico 09/19/19

HpS - Just the way you are! Do as much Sadhana Bhakti as you can, and then as much Karma yoga as you can!!! Then.... be as good a person in VAD as you can....