URGENT invitation to a colloquium of P. Univerisdad Católica de Chile

Hare Krishna Dear Gurudev, 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, 

I would like to ask you something very particular. Is about a very good invitation for you. Then, I'll send you the whole report later because the invitation is an urgent issue.

María Elvira Ríos, a Claudia Lira's colleague and part of the "Centro UC Estudios Asiáticos" is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Aesthetics of UC (Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile); PhD of the College of Mexico (her research areas are Buddhism, China, ecological reflection of Buddhism). María Elvira is inviting you to a colloquium about philosophy and compared religion, the ecology and the sacred. 

It should be pointed out that currently, PUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) is the best Latin American university according to the respected QS World University Rankings® 2019, 132 in the world, the same position of University of California.

Your influence due to your effort and nice preaching all these years are waking up the interest of such nice institutions.

They don't know yet how many people could attend, but they're waiting for 30 people that will be there the whole day, for sure. I mean, academically very interested in the topic, and in general 50 people will attend the talks.

Soon they will send the program, advertising, and everything. I sent to them your biodata already.

The proFile of the public is varied because they are looking for to spread colloquium not just in academics and students, but to the general public and associations linked to environmental projects, like religious centres.

The best contribution that they are hoping from you, apart from your presence that is itself an "enormous support" (her words), is that you could speak about "how the Hare Krishna community take the doctrine to the ecological practice, the sacred spaces versus the conception of the protection of the nature" (I'm just quoting and translating her)

Your presentation will be 20 spoken minutes and 10 of questions. Their special request from us is strict dovetail to the given timeframe because of the intense program. I think that is a very interesting opportunity and new networking to our main event the next year. 

The only thing that is missed now is the title of your conference.

She requested us almost one month ago but I couldn't write to you before. I was managing with two devotees the Mahatma Maharaja's first visit. 

Hare Krishna dear gurudev,

Here happy serving you with the devotees.

Jagad Guru Das

HpS - AgaSP. Yes. We want to join. For title we can use Light of the Bhagavata, Ecological Wonders from Classical Asia. Okay?