Urgent / Banana : Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev

4 months, 3 weeks ago by Gopal C Biswas in Other

Hare Krsna Dear Guru Maharaj,

  Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

HpS - My Lotus Feet are very covered. Now I have physical feet. They are clean but made of skin, bones, tendons. How are your feet¿

  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  All glories to Guru parampara.

  Gurudev, i joined Triaksha Automation Technologies Pvt Ltd as a employee and  

  working for MPhasis. As per revised schedule i need to travel on October 1, 2019 and will

return on October 24, 2019 from UK, not sure if i would be able to meet you in India or not.

HpS - They are lucky to get you! When do you travel exactly? We get to Delhi on Oct 2nd and are there for five hours, then we go to Mumbai-GEV-

  Hope krsna will allow me to visit ISKCON London to see Srila Prabhupad stablished


HpS - Yes, such and opportunity!! Read the Lila amrta?

  My Heart is full with sorrow as i am working materially. Time should have 

  been used for Krsna. Hope things will get settled soon as my heart doesn’t allow 

  working for material purpose but still doing.... 

HpS - Krsna is going to use you for His Sankirtana. At least you can distribute transcendental smiles. More than that you preach from Canto Two, Chapter One.

  My time is up, this life i spoiled without doing anything for krsna. But i am 

  committed to follow my vow till end of this life and life after lifes. i will

  live for Krsna's services only, can't live without him else die.

Committed vows are not enough for me to live, am not satisfied.

your fallen servant,


HpS - Can be Niyama-agraha, no? NOI - 2. We have to purify WHY we are performing committed vows. Almost for certain it is from fear or desire in some degree. So that blocks our spontaneous relation with Krsna from manifesting, no?

Reading we see how to follow the rules spontaneously.