Personal Sadhana and Mandir Report

8 months ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All glories to Guruparampara, AC Prabhupada, Sripada Maharaja and HpS Guru Maharaja!

Radha Krsna Ki Jay, Goura Bhakta Brinda Ki Jay!

Dandabat Pranam Guru Maharaja,

HpS - AGTSP paoho We are very sad to take one month to answer to this letter, but we have been traveling from USA to England to Spain and now we are preparing for India. Also we do administrative work for the GBC, etc. etc.

Please accept my humble obeisances unto Guruji Maharaja's padmacharan that after getting Gurujis amrtabani from time to time, I can continue upward in the spiritual life. Last Sunday, we try our maximum effort to form a new committee to manage the Thoubal Mandir but unfortunately, we can't trace out the old documents of Registration of Society Act, Govt. of Manipur. Actually it was registered in the year 2006, and all documents were handed over from Secretary to Secretary. Now we need to register a new one, for this we are preparing the list of the members, with photos, adhar separately only then we can submit the documents and get the new Registration No. For preparation of all this documents we will take at least two months.

HpS - Have the same fight with the air tickets, temple management! Just go ahead and don`t waste time. Do it all efficiently and try to keep the records safe this time.

My normal activities of spiritual life are continuing, Mangal Arati, Japa, Remembering of selected slokas from Gita, Bhagavatam, NOI, Brahma Sanghita, Ten rules of Veisnaba. Now the proof reading of the translation of "Gita As It Is " in Manipuri (both Bengali and Meitei Mayek) by Prabhu Partha Sarathi Das is in the final stage. It is also a big work.

HpS - With all the purports!!!?

My daughter and son-in-law are staying in Bangalore and continuing their services there.

All the initiated bhaktas of Thoubal are not so active as we expected and can not met so frequently.

Yours fallen Servant

Yamuneswara Das

HpS - We are in India from 2-12. Maybe we can talk on phone. I think it is easy to see Krsna in Manipur. Here it is like looking a wall made by a machine. So much mechanization happening!