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Hare Krishna, dear Gurumaharaja. Pamho, AGTSP!

The other day I thought I wasn't doing enough service for ISKCON. I teach once a week in the temple; I have a Bhakti sastri study group; another group with which we study the Bhagavatam. I do not serve the Deities directly, but I make donations every time I visit the temple (it is prescribed in the NOD), apart from my monthly donation of 4 kilos of raisins. Still, it seemed to me that I was missing more. Precisely, my contract at the school where I worked was finished. Now unemployed.

Almost immediately an unexpected service came to me. After talking with you and various devotees about a proposal, finally at the ISKCON Peru Associates meeting (as a legal entity before the government) I was elected secretary. The new legal board has yet to be registered in the public records, but if there is no legal problem, I will start this new service very soon.

At first, I was not very excited about the service because there are many cumbersome details regarding the operation of that position. The legal board is composed of:

P. Caitanya candra, president.

M. Candra Mukhi, Vice President.

P. raghunath, treasurer.

LAD, secretary.

I still surprised. Krishna sent me a service, a heavy one.

ASA - Be sure that you keep the Association Record book properly!

Meditating further, I realized, obviously by inspiration from Paramatma, Srila Prabhupada and you (so many suggestions and accomplishments that you has told me), that my service can go beyond a formal matter of signing papers, keeping the minutes of the meetings (of course they have their importance). I thought that the communications matters can be a great opportunity to do internal and external preaching.

ASA - Yes!

As one devotee told me, the administration needs to regain its credibility. Wonders can be done through communication and an appropriate treatment of the institutional image. We have not interacted for so long with the community, with the political authorities, with the institutions of our locality, even with the neighborhood. And then we wonder why people don't go to temples.

Some time ago I heard this concern of a guru who said that we have to go out and participate in the dialogue of the world, that we are in our bubble and still continue with the old idea (medieval said) of thinking that people have to go to the temples. Before we were invited to events in Chosica, but as we do not attend, they no longer do so. Before there was even a large sign welcoming to the city with photos of different tourist places and there was the temple. With the new mayor the billboard was changed and we no longer appear.

So, we have to work more in that direction. Someone said that the administration meetings have to be 30% problems and 70% sankirtan. The ISKCON documents say that the main task of the administration is to organize the sankirtan. Then, my work will go that way. Inspired by the preface of Srimad Bhagavatam, we must distribute the Bhagavatam in universities and educational institutions in general. We must get them to invite us to conversations, give talks in cultural institutions, interact with other religions, be part of the community. Much can be done for Srila Prabhupada. There are so many preaching strategies in his books waiting to be realized.

Again, dear gurumaharaj, please give me your blessings to do this entrusted service well, and please instruct me in this regard that you have a lot of experience. I have some experience, vision, perspective. I hope to use it well, for the interests of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON and our beautiful Deities.

I will report regularly how I am doing in the service.

Thank you for your mercy towards me.

ss LAD

ASA - Very nice! Yes! Please report! It seems Krsna is giving an opportunity to all of us robbers!