Gopis dresses

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Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja,


All glories to the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu!

I hope your spiritual energy will increase.

Here I present my homework about the color of the dress of the main gopis (Astasakhis).

Lalita devi, her dress is the color of the peacock feathers

Visaka devi, I only found that her dress is decorated with stars.

Campakalata, her dress is the color of the blue Jay bird.

Citra devi ,her dress is crystal color.

Tungavidya, her dress is yellow color that combines with white clothes.

Induleka, her dress is pomegranate flower color.

Rangadevi, her dress is red like jaba flower(hibiscus rojo jaba)

Sudevi, similar to her young sister Rangadevi, her dress is red jaba flower color.

Thank you very much for giving us this task, it was wonderful to read about the gopis, I discovered very interesting things about gopis and I was surprised by everything they know and the skills they have. are great yogis, great mystics, highly skilled in many areas.

Thank you very much for your mercy, today I appreciate the gopis much more..

Soon I will be sending my report letter. Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you.

Whit affecction and respect

ys Isvari dd

HpS - AGTSP. paoho. makes the heart happy to hear this, and ... They are all very, very humble. Not proud. Think that others are much better than They are, no?