DTC 12(Mo)

6 months, 2 weeks ago by hps in DTC

6.25 PM. AGTSP Paoho. Monkey / Piggy here.

HpS is almost dead again.

  1. Full Morning Program
  2. Japa. Brother Ass's throat is weak and so we have to chant slow rounds! 10-minures each!
  3. Prepare for classes.
  4. Monday ASA class. Dharma answers Maharaja Parikshit. BOEX
  5. BOEX meeting. Struggling to build a question bank.
  6. Latin American GBC Meeting. Many mechanical things. We shaved after regular two weeks while listening to some then --- "The Crisis in Peru". As you can expect some people got very emotional and making strong criticisms. We still have stomach ache. Ha! Ha!
  7. Recover..... Do light work. The Mercedes' newest problem is that the back right window won't close,. So all the rain will come in! We looked for a Manual. $40. We looked Krsna helped. We found a video how to take off the door panel cover. We had to imperovise but we go it off. It seems the motor cable is broke, but at least we got the window closed.
  8. Rested. Answered letters.

Seems like enough for one. Day now we go to NGD and chant. Hari bolo!

If you are struggle just to be a little devotee like us, then you are not alone. Don't be discouraged, no? Try to do more, but don't give up your little contribution. It helps!!!!