Hari Bol !!

5 months, 1 week ago by Bhacktamarcos in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hari Bol ! dear Swami , please acept my humbles reverences, it,s a long time since i wrotte you the last time, i hope you are well in all aspects.

HpS - Life in this world is like living surrounded by wolves, no?

When i found the Bagavad Gita and i readed it 19 years ago i never thouth i would be constantly trying to be able to follow the 4 principles and chanting 16 rounds.

Chanting the rounds is not dificul, what i m unable to do is follow strictly the 4 principies.

I try to adjust as much as i can....i hope some day Rama Radha and Krsna give me their mercy.

HpS - EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. It was years after Srila Prabhupada met Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati and in his heart accepted him as his spiritual master that he formally took initiation. Do YOUR work. Yes, look at those around you, but in the end you also have challenges that NO ONE ELSE faces. They may be very deep.

I know you will be in Madrid in September, if there is any service i could do i would be happy to do it.

HpS - We are working on Education and the Sacred. Go to any art or cultural events and see if there is anyone who might be inclined to hear about Krsna from The Teachings of Lord Caitanya. Meet them. See if we can meet them. You have the greatest wealth. Some contact with Srila Prabhupada's words.

Please acept my sinceres reverences. Hare Krsna !