LAD, Change of habit. Cambio de hábito

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Hare Krishna, dear Gurudev.

Please receive my obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I have not written for a long time, basically because of laziness and negligence. But I always keep your instructions in mind and they are, for me, my life and my soul.

ASA - Ha! Ha! Hare! But our instruction is to write some times! What do you have to say. It is wonderful seeing you in the FMP on line. It was wonderful seeing you in Lima!!!

Thank you, gurudev, for always being there in my difficult times and directing my service.

HpS - AGTSP!!! We are just sprinkles of his mercy!

The topic of ashrama change is already discussed personally, however, I want to inform the attentive followers of the Blog what has happened lately in my life. I do it to present a perspective. I do not pretend to be a role model of anything, in fact, lately I have been a bad example in that area.

It turns out that ten years ago I met M. Raman ret (spiritual sister from Chile) when she came to do some service in Chosica with an enthusiastic group of young Chilean devotees. At that time I was a brahmacari (more or less) and we acted respectfully. She returned to her country and we never contacted each other again.

In May of this year, I already wearing white, it occurred to me to contact her on Facebook. Then an interesting dialogue began that it didn't have when to finish. After a month of talking by wasap almost every day, actually every day, I realised that our friendship had turned into something different. I proposed to associate and she agreed. She also felt that we were surprisingly compatible.

Of course, the central point was, is, our spiritual advancement. We immediately begin to comply with the protocol and the appropriate vaisnava etiquette. First, ask for the consent, approval and blessings of the guru. We found it fundamental. There are cases that the guru finds out when everything is consummated, and sometimes the female devote pregnant. For the success of this important issue, first the blessing of the guru. Then we announce it to our respective authorities, then to the older devotees and friends, and of course, the family. We feel that without the blessings of the guru and the Vaisnavas there is nothing successful.

HpS - Is a fact!

The first thing I made sure is that Raman reti dd was serious is her spiritual life. She is. She quickly connected to the FMP, before she did it alone, but she was no longer alone anymore. Then we connect to the systematic study of Srila Prabhupada's books. She took the current Bhakti sastri group and is currently getting updated.

Krishna at the center is the success in a couple's life. We joined in a vanaprastha mode, a bit modern, sui generis, because we are both special people.

We are not going to build "our love nest". It is clear to us that we join together to improve our spiritual life, our sankirtan. To be better people, better devotees. She will come to live in Chosica if everything goes well.

Gurumaharaja, you always recommend to the couples to get to know each other 6 months to a year. As your disciples we are following that standard. She recently came to meet my mother. I will go in September to meet her parents. If all goes well, we should get married in July next year.

HpS - Jaya!

Dear gurumaharaja, once again, I ask for your blessings to be a good example and not to embarrass you. With Raman reti we have talked a lot about your ideas about Krisna's conscious partner. We are clear that Sita Ram is the royal couple, our Kings, and we are their mono-servants.

I also strongly urge the blessing of all the devotees who read this letter to do things well in favor of our gurudev and Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you all for your blessings and to you, dear gurudev, who are our refuge and guide in this world.

Your servant,


(M. Raman reti will soon write to him too)

HpS - Thank you! We, I , you, so many make some progress and then stumble from some attachment. Maybe too much pizza late at night, but Krsna arranges another chance and the next time or third time . . . solve that problem and move ahead, no?

We can only hope you and everyone rapid progress in waking up, because Krsna can use our help!

Of course, you have so many previous relations with devotees of all genders, ages, natures, and changing your Ashrama like this means that they also have to contemplate their new relationship with you and the esteemed Raman reti Devi Dasi. Whatever was real in previous relationships will always be real. We just have to include it in the growing reality.

Thank you.