Personal Sadhana and Mandir Report - Manipur

6 months, 1 week ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All Gloris to Sri Guruji Maharaja, Sripada Maharaja and A.C. Prabhupada

Gouranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay, Radha Krsna Ki Jay,

Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay

 Guruji Maharaja! Dandavat Pranam,


Please accept my humble obeisanses unto Guruji Maharajas padmacharan that I am now reading Bhagavatam 10.29.39 Purport : last part................. " but by force You have already taken Laksmi, the wife of Narayana, from Vaikuntha and are carrying her around on Your chest. Out of shame she has assumed the form of a golden line on Your chest, and she takes her only pleasure there." What is the underlying story mentioned here? Please explain.

HpS - Jaya! So nice to hear from you! So, nice. You can see we are little dogs trying to run with the Big Dogs - Rupa Goswami, Srila Prabhupada.

We looked at the Purport and it is Srila Visvannatha Prabhupada's commentary. He sees things by his direct experience of the Spiritual World. We cannot add any more comments. If we go on changing we will also see this.

How is your Japa vrata? What results do you get from that? Any news of the devotees. We post our little news in the Kapi Dhvaja and then the DTCs here.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das