6 months ago by pandavanath in Calendar Development

Haré Krishna, dear Maharaja. pamho. Agtsp. Here's Pandavanath from Buenos aires! Happy to write you. Simply asking if BhaktiVaibhava course is next yo start. Your servant, Pandavanath das 🙏

HpS - AGTSP. paoh.... Was so, so, so nice to have your association again in BsAs. All the devotees are so lucky to have it. Your question is not clear!! "Yo"? When will it start?

Actually we, the Anjana Suta Academy does not have a Bh. Vai. course right now. We meet online most days. The calendar is in the Kapi Dhvaja. We will probably all join for the Sixth Canto Bh. Vai. study with in a few weeks. Guess we will announce that in this Kapi Dhvaja and let a lot of people join the fun.