Letter to the EC of the MOE

Hare Krsna.



We are old and our brains don't work but we will try for one more year.

How is everyone?

We have completely lost conact with our Leader, Sesa Das Prabhu, and almost completely with our Under-Leader, Tapan misra Das, but we are not easily discouraged.

Righ now we are in South America and having roaring results. We have two new Zonal Representatives to introduce to TMD Prabhu. We also promoted the devotees to have regional conferences on educaion. We are rolling with Atuk krsna Das and the BOEX etc.

When is our next EC meeting?

We want Viplavah on the Agenda!   It is going well. We suggest that all EC members post a word or more about their projects in each issue. That would serve as a quarterly report. Also a financial report for each issue. Regional representative report from the Executive Secretary and Bi-annual words from the Minister?

We have not heard about anybodies projects!  We registered as teachers and one of our institutions on the web page, but couldn't get the second one to load?

What has happened to the book on philosophy?

Publishing the results of the last international symposium each month?

O.K. Running to fly to Peru. Please chant Hare Krsna and make everyone happy!!!

Thank you. HpSwami