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7 months ago by hps in DTC

Tom B. Here.

Our life is one long near death experience.

I guess that is true of everybody, but some are realizing it. Some take Al Kohall or Ko Kaine to drive their senses so that they seem to be alive but that only brings more death sooner.

Fast today, dead tomorrow.

At least we keep on moving and in the Kirtan we can dance.

We see that this Yoga works. The internal body becomes more and more lose and can sing and yell the Holy Names from the core of the heart.

We lament new Bhaktas who don't know the future ahead of them. The depth they are going to experience.

Hare Krsna.

We are back in Buenos Aires. It is very nice. There ar pythons everywhere in the street with tooth picks.

We brushed the Temple with rust to keep them away, and it seems to have worked.

Tommorrow we fly again with Ambarisa Das motocycle engine and Rati manjaris compas and ... so much help. Pancha, Nikunjna, Jahnava, Campaka, Nanda, NARAYANA!!! So many more. Thank you.

We have a lot more letters but our eyes are failing.

Oink!!! Here we go.