Pula 15.07.2019. report

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Dear Guru Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Let me tell you about my (or as you like to say „our” which I also like and feel appropriate) last wanderings and some thoughts.

In Serbia for the last 15 years there is summer Hare Krsna camp. I was never able to go there because I always work during summer „day in and day out” every day. This year my sister joined our rental business and in the calendar I saw a „hole”, a possibility to go to the camp. It is 800km away from Pula, it meant 10 hours drive in one way. And I could go for only four days. That is, one day going there, be there for the whole two days, and go back to Pula on fourth day. So, we went. Met friends after 15 years, their children grew up in fresh, tall, youthful bodies. It was nice. Spent a lot of time catching up with friends. There is something when meeting devotees after 15 years and reflection that „we are still here”. We had fun, wisdom, kirtanas, scrubbing big pots and oven casseroles after night pizzas together, one toilet and bathroom per 10 persons, and it was all - sweet. Kindness is an impression of those days with devotees.

There was an idea of meeting with Indradyumna das, as he has a home 20 km from that camp. But he is working in Germany and could not make it to come.

Moreover, we had people going with us in the car up and down. Found them on the website where car rides can be offered and shared. At the end of the ride, they offered an appreciation of our yogic perspective on life.

HpS - Wow! AgtSP. Paoho. Sorry so slow to answer. You can see we have heavy travel schedule. On the road we meet many people every day, so there is no time for letters!!

How did you know these devotees from before? I only know that you visited Spain and Croatia?

Back in Pula, activities go as usual with apartments, tourists, challenges, headaches, etc. It is so busy in the summer. Because not only tourists come to Croatia for a swim in the Adriatic Sea, but also our friends come to visit us. So, we have many things going on.

I do not have many things to write as I do not travel often. Of course, I travel a lot on the chariot of the mind in the hope that these travels would bring me closer to the charioteer of Arjuna.

Your servant Namacarya das

PS: what would be a proper way to write “das” ? Is it “Das” or “das” ?

HpS - I don't know. I this Das is better. It is like a title, Nama-charya, PhD.

PS 2: when writing a title for this letter I understood that my last letter was precisely one month before this one.

HpS - There is a God and His Name is Urukrama! Please write again. Look for the preaching opportunities that Krsna is sending. The rest will follow like your shadow.