Urgent without an horizon

3 months, 2 weeks ago by candra108_mukhi in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva


I am missing your association all so much. I am right now at Wilson in the mataji's asram waiting for you

I am also missing my mom. I was feeling good the first days of her departure then I started to be kind of sad and very tired. I am waking up at 5:30 am :(

With my sister we have to put many things in order.

I guess is also the weather that is not helping I need to find myself again. I get back on track. I am traveling to Miami on July I will come back when U returned from Argentina. In order to have your association.

Is weird whenever I think in my mom. I see or listen something that is like a sign. She was so tender and sweet but with a lot of strength at the same time.

Well Gurudeva sorry for this sensitive letter.

My rounds are not ok. Tomorrow on Ekadasi I will start a vow. And then check next Ekadasi

Thanks Gurudeva see U in a few hours

Your eternal servant

Chandramukhi dd

HpS - ASA -- Hare! Krsna. First access to Blog after four days? Our energy is so low that we can't chant faster than 11-minute rounds, but it is also very nice. Our throat is very sensitive so also can't chant in much of an out loud voice. Hk/HK!

Learning about internal chanting. New and interesting.

The weather in BsAs is not so bad. Can adjust.

Why are you going to Miami?

If we are doing our best to chant 16-nice rounds and follow 4-principles strictly then, 'daivim prakrtam ashrayah', we are under the control of the internal potency.

We know our Mother, Father, dog, Bishop, will all die, but it comes as a surprise? For a devotee Krsna can make a 'wake-up' experience out of it.

'Wake-up'. Come home. Everyone is here!'

For example, you can preach, increase the preaching, to everyone of your students. If you don't save them, who will?

Chant in all circumstances and you will become a devotee on the level of Narada Muni.

More news!!