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7 months ago by hps in DTC

Hare Krsna! AGTSP. Paoho. Here we are in Tiquipaya, Bolivia. It is the national festival and is cold in the shade (and our room is in the shade mostly).

We are suffering a little bit from headache and nausea, but keeping up a pretty good pace with our reading and writing.

Two hours of lecturing last two days: Every Devotee is a Book Distributor (Purport Distributor (Maha-mantra Distributor.))

Monkey got a letter from his uncle, a monkey's uncle!

"Esteemed Nefue, Tom,

This is you uncle, Bleecher. We make everything white.

Thank you for the book: Hare Krsna and the Good Life.

We red it three times and understand that better than bleaching our passions white is to use their engines to move us toward THE GOOD WORLD, we are learning specific how to do that and can see that more we follow the four lusty principles avoidance, then we ca trust our intuition as to what please our deity.

Thank you for the book!"