Hanumatpresaka Swami Calendar - Argentina - Buenos Aires 2019

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Hare Krishna Dear Gurudev!

All Glories to Sri Sri Gouranga Nityananda.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to you!

HpS - Very little glories to us.

Please Accept my humble obeisances.

Sooo sorry for my delay to send your Calendar.

I've revised it with Vrsabhanu Nandini dd and Ambarisa Maharaja Das.

About the Calendar content:

+Pink: Buenos Aires

+ Light Blue: Mar del Plata

+ Yellow: meeting with scholastics. 

+ In violet you can see tentative classes. You can choose which time give them. We put all at 19pm, because it let devotees get to temple to see you, after job.

HpS - ASA - The Calendar looks fine. We can make small adjustments when we get to the City of Good Air. Can we put LOB Seminar first, then NOI and TLC?

We have a short list of devotees who want individual meeting.

We’re doing a hard work for get the books for the seminars, all Monkey Warriors and some allies are helping us to seek books. BBT have no Upadesamrta and Light of Bhagavata. In case we cannot get the books we think resolve it with printed texts.


We have 2 initiation candidates

For Harinam Diksa(1): Bhaktina Lara (Lali) and for Diksa (2): Kirtida DD. 

There are still some pendent requirements to get the recommendation.

A devotee called Vraja Gopi DD (JPS) ask me if it’s possible celebrate a grain ceremony for her baby, after initiations using the same Yajña, is it possible?

HpS - AGTSP. Thank you for so much nice work. I have no problems to do it, but I am not a priest or a Temple President! You have to get their advice and approval.


About meeting for Education and Sacred, you will see which day have the meeting in yellow zone in the Calendar.


The themes in the seminars are:

+ Upadesamrta

+ Light of Bhagavata (2 Saturdays)

+ Lord Caitanya Teachings

+ Education and Sacred

+I would like to propose other Seminar like "walking in Holy Dham - Vrindavan - Mayapur - Jaganntah Puri". It may be connected with Lord Caitanya's Teachings.

HpS - We only know about walking in Vrndavana and even that is not very different from the topics already mentioned. We can discuss it in the NOI sympsoim.

We think the Saturday and Sunday, are the most crowded days, so, if you consider put other Seminar on Saturday, please let me know.

You want to give some diploma or certificate in some seminar?

HpS - It might be nice, but not necessary.

About Kids activities, Vrsabhanu N DD and Bktn Lara, are developing them.

Thinking about your answer in Kirtida's dd letter, we add a BRAHMANAS meeting on Saturday, where you can talk with all Pujari's team and devotes who are involved in Yajñas service. 


Horarios del Templo Programas

4.30hs Mangala Arati

7.15 hs Clase de Srimad Bhagavatam

8 hs Govinda

18.30 hs Goura Arati

19 hs Clase Bhagavad Gita


I think I do not forget anything else. Sorry for my long letter.

Attach the image of the Calendar

Gurudev, thank you somuch for came to visit us. We're so fortunate.

accept please my most humble obeisances to your holy lotus feet my shelter.

who want to serve.

Rati Mañjari DD

HpS - You are headed for Gokula directly after leaving this body. Thank you so much for the work. We can send materials for publiate