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Dear Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

Thank You for giving me shelter at your lotus feet.

HpS - AGTSP! paoho.. . . We might more likely be described as having lettuce feet. Srila Prabhupada has DRAGGED us forward. We only want to act as his and your servants in this Parampara relationship, in any little help we can give as Siksa guru.

I must have done some nice karma in my previous life that I got shelter at your lotus feet. I am forever indebted to you Guru Maharaja for showering your mercy on me and accepting me as your disciple although I have so many faults and I am not deserving.

Guru Maharaja, I would like to give a small Introduction about myself. I was born in Tamil Nadu and was bought up in Nagpur. My upbringing was in a very pious orthodox brahmin family. My mother tongue is Telugu. My parents stay in Nagpur. I have an elder brother staying in Kolhapur.

I started my journey in Krishna Consciousness only when I spoke with my husband (Srinatha Krishna Dasa) last March. He introduced me to Krishna Consciousness and slowly I got convinced of the philosophy and accepted it slowly. I was fortunate to get the association of Arudha Mataji who guided me and introduced me to Madhuri mataji who was also there in Pune with me at that time. She taught me about Vaishnava sampradaya and guided me in each step as to how to become a good grahastha. I started to follow the regulative principles a year back.

After getting married, I started to chant 16 rounds and slowly started serving Lord Krishna. As you had told, a grahastha should compulsorily do deity worship, we welcomed our deities and started worshiping them. Taking care of them includes daily sponge bath and dressing and once in a week abhishekh. We have also started worshiping Tulasi maharani after you asked us to do so during your visit to Dallas.

By the mercy of Sri Radha Kalanchandji, I got some services in the temple which included making garland for Sri Chota Radha Kalachandji, working for a day in Temple Gift Shop and alternate Sunday helping with cooking for Raj Bhoga.

I have started to read Bhagavad Gita, with my family members. We have completed 1st Chapter. I am also reading Lilamrita to get to know more about Prabhupada. At night, before sleep, we read Krishna Book.

Guru Maharaj when you had come to our house for the Ratha Yatra, we got an opportunity to serve you. We feel so fortunate. I got inspired by your humbleness Guru Maharaj. Though you never met me before but still you made me comfortable in your conversations. I have never met such a humble soul. After your association I felt as if somebody is there to protect me and now I am safe for this lifetime.

It is always wonderful to meet you Guru Maharaja and be under your association. But this time in Houston it was more special as you gave shelter to me. I hope and sincerely beg to Krishna that my actions do not bring disappointment to you and I can be of some service to you in your service to Srila Prabhupada. Please let me know if I could serve you in any way possible.

Your aspiring servant


HpS - It has been very nice to meet you. I have told several people that Srinatha-krsna Das has been blessed with a very nice partner in your Grhastha Ashrama. As we all go on doing service to Krsna under Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet we will know each other deeper and deeper.

From the very beginning eg. BG 4.34, SB 1.1.1-3, this movement derides blind faith and starts with just aiming at reality distinguished from illusion for the benefit of all. Such simple goals allow us to consider our Christian heritage or Brahmin heritage. Is it real or not. Is Srila Prabhupada's heritage real or not.

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Thank you!