Mar del Plata Calendar

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Hare Krishna, beloved Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Thank you very much Gurudev for making the austerity to come and visit Mar del Plata again. Another opportunity to enlighten us with trascendental knowledge. We are very happy to receive you again!!

HpS - ASA -- ... and make books and movies.

Here are the ideas/work in progress for your sankirtan activities in Mar del Plata.

You arrive at Mar del Plata Tuesday 16th of July 5:25 pm. You will be staying at Sri Govardhan assited by Panca Tattva and Adi Yajña prabhus.

Main focus will be Education and the Sacred.

Wednesday or Thursday evening we will have a program at the University. This year is much more better organized than last year. It will be a program supported by the Escuela Superior de Medicina. We Confirmed:

  • Susana Violante Phd in Philosophy from University of Barcelona,
  • Gerardo Oemig, Psychologist, with whom we organized the program at Psychology university many years ago, and
  • The Rector of the University sent a formal invitation to the Bishop.

It will be at the same classroom than last year.

Then wed or thursday we are organizing the same program but with local leaders, freethinkers. I´m organizing it with people from a local political party, the same people than last year in Torreon del Monje.

Friday from 15 to 18 hs at the Public Library again Education and the Sacred with pedagogues.

Then Saturday evening I´m thinking in a program for local devotees.

And Sunday noon Sunday Feast at Sri Govardhan.

I want to ask you whether you want to give SB lectures in the morning?

HpS - ASA -- Yes.

We are reading 3rd canto from monday to wednesday and pada padma thursday and friday. Saturday CC and Sunday general discussion.

ASA - Super...

You leave to Bs As monday 22nd july at 1:25 pm.

Again I have many questions, but such a busy fool that didn´t find the pace to sit and write to ask them. Hope to make them soon.

Thank you very much Gurudev, for allowing us to be part of something great and worthy,

At your lotus feet,

Nikunja Bihari das.

ASA - In the Preface to SB, verse 7.6.1 is cited. We can use it in our Sankirtan/Promotion for the programs. Extract stuff from the purports.

Also, is picture of Prahada teaching. High density. Esperanddo mas.