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AgtSP Paoho.

.10.30PM Time to take rest and get up early. Will Tweet once more.

Good day. Gave and joined three hours of SB classes plus FMP.

NgD and everyone has gone to Rathayatra in Atlanta. It would be too much work for us just before leaving to Houston/Peru ...

Waiting for responses to our Sankirtan from Bali-mardana, Atul-k, Sesa and Tapan-m. Das.

Srinivasa Das is doing very good work. Doesn't mean he has no room for improvement! Even the Gopis and Krsna have room for improvement.

Upendra, Srivasa, Candra mukhi, Yugala, Jahnava, Priya, Patrak.... So many nice devotees.

Keep chanting slowly when your weak. Chant faster when the modes are good, but never give up distributing the Holy Names, distributing books.

Bhakta Brown