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Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja,



Dear Gurumaja, wishing you always to be in good health and asking for a little bit of your spiritual strength for the service of our beloved Srila Prabhupada.

Sorry for the delay in writing, but I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in the FMP, if it were not for that I would simply be lost.

ASA -Me too!

I got work in Cusco, in the Regional Government, public sector, the pay is regular but it allows us to survive, the important thing is that we are close to the Temple and the family. Things are going to improve.


I have been attending the Temple on Sundays, the devotees allowed me to teach Bagavad Gita, and also at the parties of Goura-purnima, Rama Navami and Nrishimha Caturdasi, all of them on Sundays, I always ask from the heart that you enlighten me to preach the Glories of Lord Krishna. There are no programs during the week. the devotees try to organize and they do it well.

I tried to talk with Prabhu Goura-rupa, but we could only see a short time, this full, I bisque several times but for the time we can not put them together, but I wrote to his mail, I sent him the status of the letter:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


I write this letter wishing you the best in Krishna's Consciousness, I have tried to be able to look for you to converse but without success, the last time we stayed in seeing each other I could not find it, I waited for it, but good. I do not know if Prabbu Purusam told him, but I have been doing service in the temple teaching some Sundays and in the main Festivals of these last months. I can not help in the pujari because of time and work issues and I do not want to fail in that service. Since I arrived, I wanted to talk with you about the subject of service and some other thing that could help, but you can not and that is understandable.

Dear Prabhu, I also take this opportunity to apologize for all the offenses that I may have committed with you, and always consider my appreciation and support for the Temple as I have always done. May Lord Sri Krishna give you many blessings. HARE KRISHNA

at your service

Govardhana dasa (HpS) ...

The person in charge of the programs is Prabhu Purusam, spiritual brother of Prabhu Goura Rupa, the times I go to the temple we do not see each other with Prabhu Goura Rupa, they tell me that he rarely participates anymore. It must be because of his work that keeps him very busy.

Mother Cita, the daughter of Prabhu Ananda Maya, attends to the deities, they also take turns M. Yogamaji and other devotees more, in coordination with Prabhu Purusam and Prabhu Raganuga, who until good time in Cusco. In GouraPurnima I met P. AmalaKaruna, I saw him well, I embraced him and I offered him my obeisances, P. Jagadisvara, he is in Ecuador collecting, I hope to meet him.

With regard to the family, everything is fine, I changed school to Nilacandra, it is closer to where we live, they have the method of teaching Singapore, very good, we will also change it to Vrisabhuanu nandini, she is small but very intelligent, she surprises me a lot. With my wife Ayda we are very well, we want to buy land, and from it I leave the initiative that part uses it for a temple, it would not be great but I would serve.

Dear Gurudeva, we know that for your mercy and association we will be able to do great things, we have ready the online program that I mentioned and we will be launching our clinic for the soul, we are lazy, but as I wrote before, we pray for having a little bit of your blessings and mercy in order to better serve our beloved Srila Prabhupada.

Dear Gurumaharaja, I hope to see you soon in Lima, I will try to travel for October or December, we are completely convinced that if we do not surrender to Sri Krishna and depend on Him, our life will be a complete failure. May the mercy of Sri Krishna always be poured out on you.

your useless aspiring servant

Govardhana dasa

HpS - Thank you very, very, very much for your determination and humility. I think that it is because of devotees like you that this movment goes on. I think that Srila Prabhu feels very sincere emotions to see the sincerity of you, your family and the Yatra. As you mention them please send our respects.

We wanted to visit Cusco on the way to La Paz but it was not possible. Well we shall all be in Goloka together soon!

Get settled. Chant and associate with devotees as NOI 4-6 suggest and then you will get good ideas for Sankirtan, clinic for the soul! Soul food!!! Send more news as it develops. We hear from Divya-drhsti Devi Dasi in India.