a humble belated report Of sankirtan

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Hare Krsna loved Guru Maharaja accept my humble obeisances all glories to Srila Prabhupada

I am writing from Ljubjana, Slovenia.

I have been able to participate in Harinama Sankirtan since we saw ourselves in Mayapur this year, we have traveled through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, and other countries of Europe with Harinama Ruci doing 3 hours of sankirtan every day. distributing Srila Prabhupada's books, and having people dance and participate in Harinama.

On the 29th of this month we traveled to Ratha Yatra in Panama, they invites all tha Harinama Ruci Grup, and then while the group goes to NY Rathayatra I will go to Mexico.

I was thinking of going back to France but the devoties asked me in the temple to take care of a spiritual camp where new people come and stay for 3 weeks, we will study groups and harinama Sankirtan.

i already send all the programming to the people in charge of the temple in Mexico and they approved the initiative, please empower me with your enthusiasm and determination to make this project a successful event.

HpS - We empower you. Foto attached.

respect to my saddhana, I try daily to get up early and sing 21 enthusiastic rounds, if I do not reach in the evening after harinama I finish them, if we stay in temples I try to attend the morning programs without fail, I read 1 daily chapter of BG only the translations and logue SB this week we enter the song 10, we do 2 to 4 hours of harinama sankirtan every day wherever we are, we distribute books and make the gentr dance, please GM pray for me so I can go deeper and deeper in my daily saddhana

HpS - Very strong!

Dear GM, I am very sorry to inform you that I could not, although I really try to, free myself from sexual desires, I periodically relapse into illicit life, I have really tried to analyze why those desires are born and how to fight, but I am forced by force, I feel completely fallen GM.

I can not say that I am your Disciple because I still can not even follow that regulative principle of no illicit sexual life, I do not know what to do to get rid of those shackles. Dear GM, please help me, without your blessings I am completely unaware of defeating that enemy.

HpS - By writing about these things here you are SURE to get the best wishes of the Vaisnavas. Saubhara Muni, so, many in the Bhagavatam have the same problem. Men, women, cows,dogs,sheep all have this problem. Even to desire the opposite sex to laugh at your jokes is illicit sex. So.... I cannot give you any detailed suggestions. You process and association seems great. Yes, see how the desires develop and then fight with them. We are all different. We all progress at different rates. Make progress. Krsna is watching you fighting.

Also the anger and envy constantly attack me, for my beloved Lord bless me with an instruction that allows me to eliminate those enemies of the self-realization of my heart.

HpS - We heard that Srila Prabhupada instructed that if we are envious of a devotee then help him with his service. That will take away the envy.

I have a sincere desire to be a tool in his mission . . . (ASA) , , , but how could I do it even after some years of practice I do not even follow the promise I made to be initiated. . . (ASA edited for brevity). . . What should I do to please him?

HpS - Continue as you are. be happy, Krsna is helping you. You are unique. None of us can be just like others.

Excuse me for not writing so often,

you are always in each of my services,

you are the most important living entity for me,

HpS - This may be part of the problem. Please make us just one channel to Srila Prabhupada!

thank you for being my strength to get up every new day in this material prison.

his aspiring disciple Vrajendra Kumara Das

ASA - Thank you!!! See you soon! Respects to Maha-visnu Swami