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We are crazy, how about you?

AGTSP!!!! paoho. We reviewed the nice Calendar letter from Candra-mukhi Devi Dasi, associate of head pujari in Mexico, and the The Horse!! Very interesting.

Two SB classes today.

Gardening, Trimming our hedges.

Call from Manipur to give initiation to temple president's daughter before her wedding!

Lokanatha Das, Raghunatha-puri Das 13-rounds done. Little historical fiction.

1% hay fever. NDG and everyone has gone to Sadhu-Sanga in North Carolina. There will be 2,000 devotees there. Hope Krsna protects them!

We are all




ne in The Boro!!!! (it's spooky)! Thank youfor yuour association. now krsna book and hot milk!!! Do the same! Also started packing for Peru.