Itinerary Urgent

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Hare Krishna Beloved Gurudeva


This is a proposal, please give us feedback. This itinerary was made in coordination with ARTD. 


June 9th: Arrival 10:15 pm

ASA - Aero Mexico!! One suitcase full of Sarees! Recording equipment! Exotic books... Monkey and Piggy... Chica-morada Prasadam..

June 10th: Lunch and work meeting NIOS Peru 1:30 pm

June 11<sup>th</sup>: Bhakti Vriksa Iskcon Callao 7pm.

June 12<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education First Conversatory

June 13<sup>th</sup>: : Philosophy of Education Second Conversatory

June 14<sup>th</sup>: : Philosophy of Education Third Conversatory

ASA - Can we go Friday after noon to Chosika (A different kind of town)? Hear the doves cooing? Go for Gaura-arati and see a good movie?      

June 15<sup>th</sup>: Srimad Bhagavatam in Wilson, after breakfast Chosica

June 16<sup>th</sup>: FMP in Chosica, reception in chosica (Gurupuja) special program for Father’s day.

June 17<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education Fourth Conversatory

June 18<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education Fifth Conversatory

June 19<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education Sixth Conversatory

ASA - Wow! A lot of conversatorios! What are we conversing about??? Who has so much to say? We fly to La Paz at oo.25 on the 19th, so no programs in Lima on the 19th.

June 20<sup>th</sup> – June 24<sup>th</sup>: Bolivia ASA - La Paz to Lima, arrive at 5.30AM, so programs all day.

June 25<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education Seventh Conversatory

June 26<sup>th</sup>: Philosophy of Education Eigth Conversatory - ASA - Piggy talking with Monkey?

June 27<sup>th</sup>: Bhagavad Gita in Wilson

June 28<sup>th</sup>: Chosica

June 29<sup>th</sup>: Educational Encounter in Chosica

ASA - Consult with the Gandharva Das, no? We thought that this program would also go on during the first weekend in Chosica?

June 30<sup>th</sup>: Educational Encounter in Chosica

July 1<sup>st</sup>: Departure to Argentina ASA - 9.30AM

Your eternal servant

Candramukhi dd

ASA - You seem to be really stressed! Have fun! If we are destined to be raped and slashed with knives, or marry the next President of Peru, it will happen. We can try to adjust the situation to the best of our ability, but our power is limited, but we can always adjust our relationship to it.

We can use our Karma for Krsna!!! Jaya! Humour is the essence of conjugal Rasa and CR is the Adi-rasa, so basically everything is fun, funny. You Mother can laugh at the cancer!!! Etc! We have tried it to a great degree. It works. Death is SOSOSOSOSO scary!!!

Hey! You don't trick us Gopal!! We see through your costume!

CALENDAR - Our main focus is Education and the Sacred, no? Not Philosophy of Education. We can have full morning and evening programs, no? Kirtan, Lecture, Kirtan, Prasad!! Can't we go to Wilson more? Can we go in the afternoon before the traffic and let devotees know we will be there? Then come back after the traffic.

With Gandharva Das, Mataji, you, let's design a fun program for the weekends in Chosica. Is Yugala kishora Dasi still working with the kids? Others? We will try to bring stuff from The Goswami Academy in Houston. Lima-Houston Children's Friendship Society! Cooking classes? Uncle Gismo art workshops.

Miguel Polo, Walter Leon, Hector Behar, Ramon Mujica, Eduard, Oscar/Anna, Nitya-kishori. Light of the Bhagavata movie. Rector of San Marcos. PREPARATION OF THE EVENT IN OCTOBER. Designing Solaris. Education Encounters both weekends in Chosica (A different kinf of city).

Design clothes for Radha and Her Boy-friend, what's His name??? Waitin for the next generation of Calendars!