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Dear Guru Maharaja, Hare Krishna, please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada !

Last year, after I finished the education thing I was doing, the summer season with renting apartments activity kicked in in full force. I was into that work through the summer trying to do all the needed stuff related to that. At the end of the summer I got one (another job). It happened quickly (but not hastily) and smoothly. It's interesting that for that 'new' job I needed a level of education which I got a few months before. The new job does not have anything with business education I was doing. So, now I am working as an assistant in the regular public elementary school classroom for children who have difficulties in following the classes, be that physical, psychological, emotional, … I started in the beginning of the September and in few weeks this school year will end.

HpS - So nice!!

Because of that my online presence is scarce. Well, it is not just because of that. Other reason is that I prefer to relate to people "face to face", not "screen to screen", if possible. Of course, one and only regular internet no-job activity is reading this blog.

In the beginning, middle and end of all these activities I continue with japa yajna and was reading few books by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Got great inspiration from him while seeing his broad understanding of vaisnava tattva. Also I was gifted with a book by Edwin Bryant (Advaita das?) about Bhakti yoga and Bhagavata Purana. I remeber you sharing some of his work about Bhagavata history, so I believe you know about him. For me, this is another nice book.

HpS - He is astounding person! One devotee told me with a smile, "Devotees don't know if he is a demon or a devotee, and demons don't know if he is a demon or a devotee". A lot of academic scholarship is demoniac. He has helped me a lot with his books.

Meeting with devotees are not so frequent as before. But I am happy to say that many times after we meet, I leave with a feeling of gratitude and enrichment.

Kind of, I have difficulty writing my wanderings and thoughts here, as I see some other devotees are experiencing. Maybe is just not a habit ... and also lacking of time to put thoughts into writing words.

Thank you!

Your servant, Namacarya das

HpS - Thank you. God, after not hearing from you for so long we were afraid that you had joined a Croatian circus and were traveling around the world as an acrobat. Send us more news after a few weeks!