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Srila Prabhupada used to say that Radhakund is for relishing and that is true. Here we have festivals every other day and even if we do not have a reason we have a festival.

These days we had three wonderful festivals.

First, we celebrated the appearance day of Sri Gadadhar prabhu, one of the most confidential associates of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and in Krsna lila is Srimati Radharani,so we went to the temple of Nitai Gour Gadadhara to listen an ecstatic kirtan and to see the abisheka and full bungalow decoration.

gadādhara-paṇḍitādi — prabhura nija-śakti

tāṅ’-sabāra caraṇe mora sahasra praṇati

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the internal potencies of the Lord, of whom Sri Gadadhar prabhu is the foremost. C.c adi 1.41

HpS - In Gaura lila Gadadhara is more like Rukmini? Radharani without Her humor, because Krsna is stealing it?

Second. This week was the advent of Jahnava devi, who was One of the wives of Sri Nityananda and a very Influential character for all the gaudiya vaishnavism. This is one of my favourite utsava since Jahnava ma is so merciful that she allows us to make flower dress for her to wear during the adhivas (the first day). This festival last 5 days during which we can hear lila kirtan chanting her glories and the fifth day is the dhulotsava, this is something like holi but Instead of throwing colors, people throw duly (dust from Vraja) after that everybody goes to take bath in Radhakund, this is the closing of the festival.

Ogo Sri jahnava devi, E dase karuna karo

Aji nija gune, Guchao jantrana

"O Jahnava devi, by virtue of your own good qualities, show compassion to this servant today and remove my afflictions."


And third, as I wrote at the beginning, if we don't have a reason it doesn't matter, we make a festival. Last week we had a "saptaha" here at home, just to please our Kunja Bihari. That is, for seven days Srimad Bhagavatam is read and explained, after these 7 days we had 24 hours kirtan and then we made a parikrama around Radhakunda carrying the Grantha and a tulasi plant and finally we made vaishnava seva.

As you can read Radhakund is really the best place for relishing.

HpS - Seems that Radha-kunda is were we serve Krsna directly and Mayapura is where we serve Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan? Mangos and Bananas? How is your household? You can see we have ticket so visit India for twelve days in October. Look in the Calendar Development filter.

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya

Radha Kunja Bihari ki jaya

Jahnava devi ki jaya

Sri Gadadhar prabhu ki jaya

This is my report from Radhakund

Your (trying to be humble) servant

Tungavidya dd

ASA - Thank you. Thank you for the austerity of living in Radha-kunda. Thank you for sharing it with us. We are dying to go there.