URGENT - Divya-drsti devi dasi from Mayapur.

Hare Krishna Gurumaharaja :

Please Receive my Respefull and Humble Obeisances.

Gurumaharaja, thank you very much for your Last answer, regarding to m Gaura Gadadhara Dasi she is very good in the Holy Dham, she is doing a lot of parikrama, she already did the safary with disciples of HH Jayapataca Swami, now she went to Vrindavan and then to many holy places, she is traveling with a good group of devotees, her health is very good and she feels happy visiting so many holy places. 

Gurumaharaja, I asked flight ticket to Europe and it's expensive, my budget can not cover it, as well today I really analize my situation, I feel so tired, I need to rest, so I'm thinking that it would be good if I come back to Perú to stay in Chosica, there I have asociation of devotees, mangala artik everyday with Radha Madhana Vihari, service, I can go to Wilson Temple, do sankirtan, book distribution, I would like to study in workshops of puppets, learn to play armonium, finish my course of Bhakti Sastri with prabhu Laksman, as well I can find there some devotees to do show puppets, kirtan maybe little dance and theater. I have been feeling so bad because I don't have enought purity to stay in Holy Dham, but at same time I realize that the weather is so dificult and in this condition I can not do any service, so I think its better to go to Chosica. Please give me your opinión.

HpS - AGTSP. Paoho. First time I went to India, Vraja, it was also very, very difficult for my body. I did a lot of austerity but had to come back. I also got experiences that have been great assets all my life in devotional service. Sounds like it is the same for you. Ask devotees who know your situation in more detail than we do, but seems like a plan to try staying in Chosica might be nice. In the end if Krsna wants us to leave these bodies then we will find no refuge for them in any place in the material universe, but He is nice person so trying to live according to his plan as you are doing, of course, your future should be bright.

I'm infinitely thankful for your kindness of always listening me, and I'm so grateful that I have the good fortune of having your guidance. Thank you very much. 

Your Servant :

Divya Dristi DD.

HpS ASA - Hare KRSNA!!!!!! sEE you ssooon!